Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I was a guest on the Ripley Radio: An On Demand Oddcast podcast. I've been a fan of the Ripley's Believe It or Not franchise since I was a wee kid, so I was excited to be a guest. The interview itself was......interesting.

I expected Ripley's would want to have fun with the story, but the interview was done in a sort of rapid fire jabberjock style- I felt like I wasn't able to speak much about the origins of the book, the people I met, what it was like being on the street with these guys- the questions were bouncing all over and I kept getting cut off by random musings of the hosts.

They were really pushing for the "these guys must be crazy and stupid- am I right or am I right?!" angle. Immediate evidence- instead of a picture I sent of me and The Watchman on street level they dug up some photo of an obese cosplayer dressed as Spiderman.

Always something with those guys- believe it. Still, there were fun moments and I think this is a story Ripley's fans will be interested in.

Link to the interview here:


  1. That spider man isn't obese, just big boned.

  2. Hey Tea, you did well!

    You're used to that kind of interview at this point. You can anticipate what they're going to ask and you were right there with the best responses, Bud.


  3. If they wanted a fat superhero they COULD have used me...Spidey only looks like that before he lays eggs.