Wednesday, October 6, 2010

HERO PROFILE #48: Paladin

Operates out of: Calgary, Alberta

Skills: "Trained as a security professional and in martial arts"

Activities: Patrols, crime prevention and intervention

Quote: "If everyone took the time to at least call in suspicious or dangerous situations, then a lot of what happens in our city would not take place.

In many cases, I was the only person willing to act, even though there were other people around. Nobody called the cops, nobody spoke up, nobody did a thing. If I hadn't been there, there would have been assaults, thefts, possibly rapes in the case of some of the girls I've helped. Some of those could have escalated to murders if they got out of hand.

Not everyone needs to be as aggressive as I am in helping others- if a situation looks unsafe and they aren't comfortable getting involved, all it takes some days is a phone call to the police. That's the secret to making this a safer city- everyone taking enough ownership to say that they will not allow others to be victimized in front of them without taking SOME sort of action, even if that action is just picking up a phone."

Author's notes: I bumped the Hero Profile up a day early to accommodate listeners who heard about the blog during an interview with me on the The Rob Breakenridge Show, which airs on radio stations in Calgary and Edmonton. To tie in, I decided to profile Calgary RLSH Paladin, who I just encountered today after searching the Canadian RLSH files.

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