Friday, October 8, 2010



- Hot Springs, Arkansas

Crossfire the Crusader
is a RLSH who intervened in a life threatening situation last night. Well known for his good humor, Crossfire relayed the incident in a post on forum, which is reposted here with his permission.

Just got home from the police station...Here's the story.

I was not in gimmick (note- this is the term many RLSH use for their attire) - I was in bed trying to catch a nap before work tonight. I grabbed a pair of shorts as I ran for the door and responded. I told (fellow RLSH Silver Sentinel via phone) that I was in my Submariner costume.

Earlier this week my neighbor was attacked by her ex-boyfriend and we were afraid he would come back to try again so we've been on guard. The ex-boyfriend hid in the building that time and attacked them when they came home. Tonight he got into their apartment somehow and waited for them there. He was in their shower with the knife when they arrived home. He sat there for hours with his knife watching for them to come home tonight.

I had just drifted off when I heard a commotion outside my door. I grabbed a pair of shorts and my nightstick and ran out the door. I could hear fighting from the room across the hall. The downstairs neighbor came running up and I told him to call the police. I banged on the door with the nightstick and the young lady opened the door. She had been cut on the hand and was covered in blood. She shouted "Help us!" and pointed to the living room.

I ran in and found her boyfriend struggling with her ex-boyfriend who had an eight inch knife. They were half on the couch with the knife between them and the blade was between the boyfriends shirt and his skin. The boyfriend was holding the blade away from him and had the ex pinned to the couch with his body weight.

I stuck the nightstick between the blade and the man's chest and ordered the ex-boyfriend to release the knife. He refused and I told him several more times. I noticed that he had released his grip on the blade a little and asked the girlfriend to grab the knife if she could get it. He tightened his grip and I moved the nightstick and put it to his forehead and told him "let it go NOW!"

He dropped the knife and we wrestled him to the floor and held him there until the police arrived.

When the police arrived the neighbors told them that the superhero stopped him...they said I was going to trade my clown suit(note- Crossfire also works as an entertainer for children and is referring to his clown persona) in for a cape. None of them know about Crossfire yet...LOL.

The perp has been arrested and the young lady is safe once again.

I got a good laugh at the station as I heard the perp telling the officers how the fat guy with the bat took his knife away.

That's the story and now I'm dealing with an adrenaline hangover...and I gotta get ready for work.

I've also been told that all this happened while Crossfire is recovering from a bout with the flu. Heroes in the Night recommends plenty of rest, fluids, and soup in between saving lives.


  1. ROFL- Its not the flu.

    I posted a facebook status that said I had "the rockin' pnuemonia and the boogie woogie flu." (A reference to a Johnny Rivers tune that I was jamming to at the time)

    I am however recovering from a twisted ankle that caused me to fall on my face in the parking lot a couple days ago that left me quite stiff and sore. (340+ pounds of superhero falling flat onto a concrete surface leaves said superhero feeling very similar to if he had been in a car crash)

    Soup does sound good though...I think I'll take your advice.

    And heres the link to the song in question.

  2. Crossfire is a great guy who has some background in dealing with these situations. I know that having him as a colleague is a great thing because his jumping in like this doesn't surprise me in the least. Kudos to doing this the only way Crossfire knows how!

  3. Excellent work, Crossfire.

    And you wanna know what makes this classy? You didn't tack on a "see, if EVERYONE acted the way I did, we wouldn't NEED real life superheroes but-- SIGH-- I guess the rest of humanity is just too corrupt to understand."

    The Concerned Neighbor Lotto paid out, and Crossfire's neighbor won the cash prize.

  4. Well, that parts not even worth bringing up because it'd be lost on a corrupt human waste cesspool of a world...

    It just kinda goes without saying.


  5. I just spoke to the couple and found out how the perp got into the apartment. he apparently entered through a service panel in the bathroom that he kicked out. He was able to get to that because the room next door was open while the landlord is doing some repairs. That was how he was able to hide before.

    Sadly, they are moving now. They no longer feel safe here even with the idiot ex boyfreind in jail. I cant say as I blame them and its probably better that they be somewhere else if he does bond out somehow.

    I'm just glad they are alive to find a new place...I wish them well.

  6. Not a superhero story, but a good neighbor story, a good citizen, and a good man. Super powers? One didn't see these here. One reads the story of a good person bravely risking his own safety, to protect the vulnerable among us.

    It isn't about the Superhero Character, it's about the character of the person. In this case, Crossfire (the man behind the costume) is a hero.

    No one was hurt! Justice was served. Inspiration and good will shared. Peace and order restored. Safety and hope engendered. The innocent protected.

    Generally, physical confrontations with murder-rapists should be avoided. The possibility of this story having an unfortunate ending is all too often, too great. Sometimes however, for the right reasons, the situation warrants an immediate response.

    One is pleased Crossfire was there, and made the correct decisions and actions to prevail. These traits are not derived from Forum Training, and Blog/video Bravado, instead they are from experience with people, stressful situations, and confidence under pressure. A lifetime of trials to prepare him for this, and everyday life in the sea of humanity.

    A salute then, to Crossfire the Crusader.
    Be Safe,
    -Lord Malignance

  7. Good job Crossfire. I'm glad you did not take the "apathy route" that so many people take (and the one that is often insinuated by RLSVs), call the police, and wait around doing nothing else while all hell was breaking loose. Knowing your military training as well as your skills learned from being a trained pastor in so far as dealing with situations like this I think your neighbor was blessed to have you so close by.

    I just have to wonder that if someone other than Crossfire had done this would the commentary by the "villains" chiming in be so endearing.