Saturday, October 2, 2010


Will real life superheroes still exist 100 years from now? Pretend it is the year 2110 and there is an official RLSH museum. What items would we find in it? In a dark corner, illuminated by a spotlight, we might see Citizen Prime's famous suit in a plexiglass case. We might see Master Legend's beat up Justice Van parked on a giant rotating disk. A small alcove might display the collected masks of the Black Monday Society, illuminated with eerie lighting. Another room might hold cases of tools of the trade- moth-a-rangs, bolos, and body armor. Mannequin heads here and there would hold masks, cowls, and goggles. These are just some random guesses of a few of the things you might find in such a museum.

Another thing I'm sure you might find is a digital display projecting Phantom Zero's YouTube video "Attention: Real Life SuperHeroes," posted October 25, 2008. The video has had over 101,000 views (as of this date)and was many people's intro to the RLSH concept and helped many RLSH network.
Here is the video:

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  1. Tea Krulos,

    A particular moment in time, an action seemingly done quite offhandedly. But THIS was no mere simple move. It was a catalyst for much that followed, and demonstrated a grandmasters deftness.

    Others may discount Phantom Zero for more gaudy champions and their grotesque pantomime, and overlook his influence.

    One does not. His singular intelligence makes him a stalwart to the purposes of the heroes, and a hinderance to the plans of Evil.

    Thank you for this post!,
    -Lord Malignance