Thursday, May 5, 2011

HERO PROFILE #69: Electron

Photo by Kelly Crandall

Operates out of
: Madison, WI

Activities: Night patrols, charity events

: Working on "Hands of Fate"- electrical stun gloves

Quote: "My name is Electron. For three and a half years I've spent my time watching the RLSH movement from afar. The more I watched others living the life I had so longed to be apart of, the more I started to see the state of the world around me. I had always known of the treachery and malevolence that seemed to be seething from everywhere I turned, but until then I had not really seen it."

Author's notes: Electron was one of the new RLSH I met last week at Motionary Comics. Madison isn't very far from Milwaukee so I predict crossing paths with the electricity inspired hero again.


  1. Electron - if you read this;

    One has also looked at technologies involved in "Stun Gloves" and has found the legal ramifications of modifying these devices to be prohibitive. Something about weaponizing the technology makes it no longer strictly self defensive.

    It would be interesting to know how this will work - entirely now as a weapon to inflict harm on citizens innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

    Any readers versed in the state by state statutes, and Federal restrictions of these modifications care to opine? Officers of the Law?

    -Lord Malignance

  2. I'm not sure how much he is even looking into these anymore. He has already found that Wisconsin laws are not kind toward electrical weapons of this sort, whether for self defense or otherwise. Geist even left his stun baton at home when he came to town because he was wise enough to research WI laws ahead of time. Geist was also careful to only bring pepper spray meeting Wisconsin's legal requirements. I think it is important to research laws reflecting what you intend to carry as well as actions you intend to make. I also recommend asking yourselves why you really want to carry particular items. If it is just because you think it would be cool, it's the wrong answer.

  3. The Hands of Fate will be my greatest achievement. I assure you all that I am fully aware of the ramifications of even trying something as extensive as that. I simply don't care. The thing WILL be built. It will never be used in Wisconsin or any of the seven other states and one U.S territory where electronic weaponry is prohibited, but it WILL be built. I'm not stupid, I know the consequences of even possessing these weapons, but non-leathal weaponry is my passion and the HoF's are only one of countless glove-based designs I plan to create.

  4. When did Master Legend learn to capitalize?

  5. ...People whom spend their time building weaponry that they plan to use on others are usually doing it because they're itching to have a justification to hurt someone. It's the mentality of a weak person trying to control others through intimidation and violence.

    Quite pathetic, really.

  6. Why does one need to use something to build it? Nickola Tesla built what was apparently classified as a death ray...never used it. I am an aspiring inventor, and I only want to create non-lethal weaponry. The idea isn't that far-fetched and in fact has already been invented to a certain degree. Further more, I'm not really even modifying anything, simply replacing components and extending some wires. This is high school stuff people, not that big of a deal.
    Mr. Malvado- People who troll the internet posting nothing but negative comments are usually doing it to get attention. Or maybe their suffering from some sort of inferiority complex. Either way, you think I'm pathetic? Ha.

  7. Er, Nikola (note the spelling) Tesla didn't build a death ray. Not even a prototype. He couldn't get the physics right, otherwise we would have had a theory of deterrence long before the A-Bomb.

    And yes, you sound like an excited highschooler who can't wait to find someone to wreak vengeance on. I don't trust you in saying you'd never use it, and neither should anyone else.

    The police certainly won't.

  8. Yes, Electron, I do indeed think you are pathetic. Thanks for asking. :)