Thursday, May 5, 2011

HERO PROFILE #70: Crimson Crusader


Photo by Kelly Crandall

Operates out of: Milwaukee, WI

Activities: Night patrols, charity events

Equipment: Medical kit, cellphone, "whatever sort of gadgets Blackbird might hand me, working on some myself as well (possibly archery related)"

Quote: "I'm pretty new to the whole mask wearing crowd, but it's been an amazing experience so far. I had ideas of donning a mask and patroling the streets for around seven years now, but it didn't seem like a realistic idea until I heard about RLSH (or X-Alts, for those of you who prefer the newer term)...I have a huge drive to help people in need. Even before the mask, I was often told that I have a 'hero complex.' I've always admired guys like Robin Hood, Zorro, Batman, Green Arrow, etc. The guys without any superpowers that still try to make the world around them a better place. And that's exactly what I'm hoping to do."

Author's notes: Another new hero I met at Motionary Comics and one from my home base, the Milwaukee area!


  1. Whats this whole thing with the capes being either RLSH VS. X-Alt? Have they all forgotten about the term 'costumed activist'? It's not as flashy sounding, but it makes a lot more sense in the terms of reality and it doesn't sound as egotistical as anything pertaining to calling yourself a "hero". Of course, this brings me back to the age-old question of why they need costumes and fake names if this is for some sort of better good other than playing "LOOKATME LOOKATME" under the guise of altruism, so I won't bother holding my breath in hope.

  2. Well Lord Malignance and Agent Wrath wear costumes but heaven forbid we should allow logic and consistency to factor into this.

  3. When you're in the business of entertainment getting all gussied up in costumes is part of the game, but when you try to claim the title of 'hero' or 'altruist' it loses its sincerity when costuming/attention-grabbing becomes the strongest part of your actions. Hell, out of all the places on the forum the costuming section gets double the traffic of any of the other sections, including the MAIN section of 'general discussions'. This is why I feel so strongly about the term 'costumed activist'. Neither a hero nor an anyone doing things for altruistic reasons can truly claim these titles when it's not purely for selfless reasons. An activist is just a person with a cause, much like the causes the RLSH take on as the driving force for their charity to the community. It's not as boner-inducing of a title as placing yourself on the pedestal next to the real heroes of this world, but it sounds a lot better to the curious public rather than belting out with your hands on your hips and chest puffed out, "I'M A SUPERHERO".

    My problem isn't with the costumes, it's with the self-proclamation of something someone is not. With true selflessness there is no need for fame or recognition of any sort. By all means, keep doing what you're doing, I think it's great there are people out there making it their mission "to make the world a better place", but don't expect you actions to go unquestioned when you claim a title that clashes with the truth of your actions.

  4. What the hell do YOU do, Mr. Malvado? Other than being a pain, that is.

  5. Random Observer,

    It's true - you have me. One does in fact wear a costume. However, and this is a big flaw in your argument: One does not proclaim Oneself a superhero, and go out to fight crime/ninjas/ghosts/save lives or whatever else the heroes have and do claim. So your logic and consistency don't factor into anything except and exceedingly sloppy argument.

    Try harder.

    -Lord Malignance
    Does not even patrol to the Mailbox in costume

  6. Crimson CrusaderMay 7, 2011 at 10:49 AM

    I was holding back because I don't think this discussion should assault Tea's blog, but I'm confused as to why all this trash talk is under my picture. I have never claimed to fight crime or save lives. I do what I can to help people, but I have never lied about what I've done or embellished facts in any way.

    I'm just wondering, do you guys send emails and post stuff like this on websites for Guardian Angels? They are called "angels," but they aren't really sent down by God to patrol the streets and help out their neighborhoods. They also wear "costumes." I don't believe they wear white and red t-shirts or red berets when they go to their normal 9-5 jobs. Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity wore blue and white habits to represent who they are. What one wears can act as a symbol.

    And you're right. the costume/uniform/gimmick (whatever you want to call it) isn't needed. I think this said it best though.

    "It certainly is not necessary, but it serves a purpose which has been ingrained into the human psyche and culture for thousands of years, perhaps since humans first came into being. The first time humans looked to the sky and saw an eagle, they attempted to draw on whatever gave the eagle its power by wearing feathered masks. Those members of the tribe found this strength and became the protectors.

    In a similar fashion throughout the centuries when people wore the mask and costume, they hoped to invoke into themselves that which would make them stronger, braver, and more noble. In doing so, this produced an outward effect, an evocation. This evocation would stir the same feelings in many that observed the wearer. They too would be inspired by these ideals by the passion of those who wore the mask and costume. Even if they did not take up the mask, it somehow made them better people, even if just for a moment." - Victim

  7. Crimson Crusader,

    Apologies to you, One doesn't know you well enough to have an opinion, good or ill. One can only speak for oneself, and in this case my comments were directed to Random Observer, in reply to his/her referencing myself. One thinks the first two comments may not have been directed specifically at you, as much as to Costumed Activists in general. There are some points made in the argument made, One is sure you'll agree.

    Thank you for commenting,
    -Lord Malignance

  8. Random ObserverMay 8, 2011 at 2:06 PM

    Actually LM, my argument loses nothing. I specifically remember you commending Crossfire on his constant costume upgrades. If you are so adamant against costumes then why would you expend so much time patting him on the back for his efforts. If you were so against RLSH or costumed activists wearing costumes then you would have told him that he should not wear a helmet or a costume at all. But you didn't.

    And you're right LM, you don't proclaim yourself a superhero. However, apparently you proclaim yourself a villain and as far as that "villain" title, I could just as easily say that you don't have to label yourself a villain just because you choose to think or act in a different manner as standard society. The term "rebel" would fit just as well so the why not refer to yourselves as rebels rather than villains?

    And Crimson Crusader, well spoken. Your response showed great insight and reason and for that you have my thanks as well.

  9. Random ObserverMay 9, 2011 at 5:56 AM

    I went back and once mroe read some of the comments made here by the "villains". It seems that you "villains" are implying that what you do is entertainment and that this is what justifies you wearing these costumes and doing/saying what you do. It also seems like you are implying that wearing a costume for your entertainment purposes is more valid and important than what a RLSH or costumed activist as Malvado described them does when they wear one. Since when is playing bad guy on the internet in costume more important than helping the homeless, sick children, doing toy drives or other charity events, or engaging in legal street patrols in costume?

    The fact that you would even remotely imply that your internet villain "games" or entertainment validates your costumes more than the actionns most RLSH or costumed activists perform is rather absurd and laced with arrogance and deluded thought process.

    I was curious about your group from things I heard from others in or near this movement so I've been lurking for a bit. Thanks for showing me your true faces. Thanks for showing me that you think being a pretend bad guy is more important than helping those in greatest need. I see where your selfish priorities are even outside of "the game".

    I'm done with you people.

  10. Oh, the beautiful wonders of willful ignorance. There is a lot to be said about someone that can't even settle on a name when insulting people over the internet. Mostly the word 'coward', but I digress...

    Not only do you miss the point of my comment, "Random", you have completely ignored the part where I said I have zero problem with the costumes. If you truly are trying to be a hero or an altruist then you want nothing in return for your deeds. Not attention, admiration, or even credit. Using a false name as your signature to everything you do and wearing a flashy costume begs for such credit and attention to be given. This isn't really something I worry myself too much about, it's just a paradox of sorts in way of morality and principal.

    ...But alas, your RLSH-supporting bias and blinding stupidity keeps you from seeing anything beyond your own upturned nose. I'm afraid a proper debate on the subject can never be had with you as you're not willing to take a whole statement, only the parts you feel you can twist and construed to your own uses. Don't the internet door hit you on the ass while you're on your way out.

  11. Random Observer,
    You must come clean and offer something tangible before you can judge with authority. All we know is that you have taken a look and summarily passed a sweeping judgement. You assume games where there are, but you miss a larger truth: Superheroes are gangs of lawless vigilantes carrying home made and store bought weapons terrorizing our neighborhoods.

    Villains bring light to these facts. One does it with humor for a role, but not all Villains do. See the humor employed to make points. Two groups shouting at each other would be counterproductive. Instead, Villains endeavor to not be unreasonable, we don't carry weapons and intimidate citizens. We educate an audience that superheroes CAN and Should be questioned on their activities. In this light, One hopes you will see a greater value to Villainy.

    -Lord Malignance

  12. LM, I may not be involved in the whole RLSH/RLSV situation as other people but I've read enough and seen enough to know that this so called larger truth you speak of - Superheroes are gangs of lawless vigilantes carrying home made and store bought weapons terrorizing our neighborhoods - is a grotesque fabricated exagerration. I know you want to try and convince me and others of your way of thinking but saying things like this isn't going to make it happen.

    Citizen patrols are legal and really...using the term "terrorizing"? Don't ask others to not make sweeping judgements and then make one yourself. If what they were doing was completely lawless then the jails would be full of "capes" and news of their arrests would be going on 24/7. But they don't.

    What you call bringing value to villiany seems alot more like dehumanizing people for personal "entertainment".

    You'll wake up tomorrow morning and your world won't come to a grinding halt because the RLSH exist or go on about there business. You'll wake up a year from now, 10 years from now, maybe even 20 and you're world still won't end because the RLSH exist and go on about their business as they do. The point is the negative effect you claim they have is because you seem to have PERSONALIZED their existence, thus created the illusion that what they do or don't do has serious ramifications upon you. How does a RLSH handing out food to homeless or doing an event to combat juvenile diabetes, or other RLSH (I am unfamiliar with alot of the names) doing legal street patrols affect your life in such a negative way? They have nothing to do with you.

    You know what...this is pointless. I should have never responded again. Too many blogs I came across were laced with negativity and needless abuse. Weapons needs not be tangible to inflict grievous harm. Ponder that and this time I'm definitely done.

  13. Random Observer,

    One calls "Hand grenade": You make a rash (incorrect) judgement under an anonymous name, and then when it comes time to hear rebuttal, you say "I don't even want to listen to you prove me wrong, so I'm running away now". If you had the courage of your professed convictions, we could play the "I'll name a vigilante and you name a bleeding heart" game. You might win, but One would rack up more than a few Heroes who carry weapons to inflict pain and terrorize neighborhoods. I could start with the Black Monday Society in Utah.

    But again - you don't want reasoned discussion. You're here and gone to pass meaningless judgement.

    Your opinion that One has PERSONALIZED their existence is ludicrous. Really poor reasoning. One is a Villain for entirely different reasons, and none to difficult to understand - if as you say, you've done this research you seem most proud of. One is a Villain for entirely One's own reasons, which are pretty frequently on display elsewhere.

    Still - opinions are always valued, as yours have been, and One thanks you for them.

    -Lord Malignance