Thursday, March 18, 2010

HERO PROFILE #13: Blackbird

Operates out of
: Milwaukee aka The Brew City

: Patrols, crime surveillance

: Surveillance gear such as binoculars and listening devices

Author's notes: I just met Blackbird last month (for a patrol detailed HERE), so I don't know much about the mysterious avian crime stopper.
I do know he wants to perch his eyes and ears on the streets of Milwaukee, watching for crime, and ruffle a few feathers if he has to.


  1. I can't even begin to say how terrible of an idea it is to go around looking for "crime" wearing all black and a mask AT NIGHT.

    I'm guessing this fellow was voted by his highschool graduating class as 'Most Likely To Get Shot By The Police And Die'.

    Wishful thinking,
    -Malvado The Sound Vandal

  2. *Yaaawn*
    Hey dude, getting sick of you dropping by and saying how you wish everyone would die, blah blah blah.

    We get it, you're totally emo.
    Since this is my blog, though, and not the "look at me and my ape cape" blog, further comments wishing death on anyone will be deleted.

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  4. I'll just leave this here:

  5. There's some more of Zetaman's winning logic. I guess some people are just used to being despised. And some, like Grodd, are used to being outright hated, so they don't even bother to make friends. They just jump in and naysay everything without really thinking about any of it.

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  7. Contradictory to your original statement. But you and I aren't doing this anymore. Like you say, it's not worth my valuable time.

  8. Tea, apparently you have an internet stalker fan. But hey, even people who hate Howard Stern listen to him with a bizarre love-hate relationship. When people offer you an opinion it is always wise to consider the source so I'd file away anything Malvado, Grodd, the Babbling Baboon, the Limp Chimp, whatever he is calling himself these days (damn that whole DC Comics trademark thing) under the "chronically worthless" file and move on. In any case I enjoy reading your blog - the way you delve into the inner workings of the RLSH community and it's members is pretty insightful.