Friday, June 11, 2010

Ask Tea Krulos

At forum a lot of people are posting threads where you can ask any question, with the poster then answering the questions. Since a lot of you are not on the forum- here is a chance to ask me any question, which I will try to answer to the best of my ability in the comments section below.


  1. Tea Krulos,

    From your experience;

    1) Who is the scariest RLSH? One means outright crazy dangerous, most likely to hurt someone in a kill frenzy of delusion? Perhaps the hero carrying the most illegal weapons at any given time?

    2) Dark Guardian. How many Villains that you know, could he totally own, if say a net were dropped on him from a very high building? One is thinking "All of us", but perhaps he has some weakness - like he can't see in the dark or something?

    3) One has heard that Z sharpens his teeth with a file. Is this a rumor, or can you say if this is true?

    4) When Phantom Zero failed to meet you, do you even suspect a little bit, that it was because he fears Lord Malignance, his ArchNemesis?

    5) With the New York Initiative arming themselves against a zombie breakout like a Militia, and Master Legend setting up a so called Cult of Followers, what is it about heroes that make them such followers? And can they be retrained as Minions? (The respect is greater in Evil!)

    6) As fast as you could possibly skateboard - even downhill with strong wind at your back - could you possible outdistance Superhero? One has a wager with a henchman, that because of his aerodynamic pate he is able to reach nearly superhuman speeds, and thereforce could not be escaped. Is this reasonable?

    7) East Coast Heroes look like Urban Cannibals, while West Coast Heroes look like Hairdressers. Why are there no Los Angeles based heroes? Or are they just called "street gangs"?

    8) There was a great deal of falderal about Cyber Crime, and the claim was made that it must be Villains. The Heroes Network lost information. Some troll imbeciles went on a campaign to blame Villainy. Of course this issue turned out to have been purpetrated by another hero. Then it turns out Heroes see themselves as "Hackers". While one doesn't mind that they use their skillz to destroy each others work, is ones own work safe from heroes? There don't appear to be any Villains who seek to bypass security to steal the secrets of others - we appear to work for what we take.

    Thank you,
    -Lord Malignance

  2. Lord Malignance,
    Excellent questions!

    1. My research would point to Nostrum. Not only carries lethal weapons, but claimed he bit part of someone's ear off and he's still out there, somewhere.

    Someone equally or more dangerous than that might be out there, and I just don't know about it. A lot of crazies don't set up an internet profile.

    2. I have seen Dark Guardian demonstrate his martial art skills, and they are impressive. I think he could fight his way through a net and a gang of villains with giant "POW"s and "OOF" flying through the air like on the old Batman show.

    3. I can't reveal Z's secrets like that. I will only reveal that he likes tater tots.

    4. Ha! Yes, that is the first thing I thought of!

    I met PZ and Nyx at the Superheroes Anonymous 3 conference. I had tried e-mailing PZ beforehand and didn't get a response so I wasn't sure if he was into the idea of talking to a nosy writer. As it turns out he was a nice guy and I conducted a 45 minute interview with him and Nyx.

    5. You're referring to Master Legend's Army. That actually makes me think of KISS- The loyal fans of KISS are called the KISS Army.

    I think it's like anything, some people follow, some people lead, but I do feel that this is unique in that there is a lot of individualism. A lot of them are doing this solo in their cities, whereas you would never see a Guardian Angel or a militia member doing a one man patrol or maneuver. Team ups are rare in the big picture. Most of the "following" happens online.

    6. It could be reasonable. How is Superhero traveling- by foot, skateboard, or in his famous Superhero hot rod?

    7. There are a couple of LA based heroes.
    There is Eon Night, Good Samaritan, and I believe Ragensi- maybe others.

    8. I think you're safe, LM, but who knows? I agree that villains are blamed for a lot of hogwash when the most malicious cyber activities come from within the RLSHs themselves- the HN crash, etc. I haven't seen any evidence of anything more severe than google bombing or jokes in poor taste from you guys.

  3. I am defeated, and recognize this victory as yours. Your answers were better than my questions!

    Thank you,
    -Lord Malignance

  4. I had a few questions, but have been left speechless by Lord Malignance's interrogation technique. He must have had a few extra candy bars today.

  5. Lord Malignance,
    My roommate wants you to know that you are her hero...villain. She says "keep up the good work, and by good one means evil."

    Overlord- Ask away!