Sunday, June 6, 2010

HERO PROFILE #32: The Conundrum

[Heroes of NYC]

Aka: Conor Drums

Operates out of: New Jersey

Activities: patrols, participating in Captain Ozone's Green Power Rally July 31

Quote: "I believe that we can turn our 'publicity stunts' into downright 'global action.' All we need is to join hands, and stop the squabbling."

Author's Notes: Dark Guardian organized an informal meeting of RLSH today at Washington Square Park. A lot of people couldn't make it, but about six people showed up, including The Conundrum. I didn't talk to him long, but I joined him, Zimmer, and Dark Guardian for lunch.

I have wanted to write more, but I've been busy cruising Brooklyn by skateboard and subway, also internet here is dodgy, plus writing often requires more elbow room for me (I like to pace, swear, throw things, and cook while I'm writing) so I will have to wait until I return home tomorrow to write a more coherent entry.


  1. Way to go, my friend!

    I like to pace and drink Stoli vodka when I'm writing - it's always good for writer's block!


  2. Tea Krulos,

    One wasn't sure at first w/the flannel unicorn motif, but was finally sold on the orange socks and the name "Conundrum". How awesome are orange socks! They have a power all their own. The progressive theme, the powerful orange socks, and the name, create dadasque absurdity.

    Pacing, swearing, throwing things while writing? The energies of creation are volatile!

    Green Power Rally? Hmmm.

    -Lord Malignance

  3. I first read that as "The Condomdrum" because there is a resivoir tip in your hoodie and I am a pervert. :|