Saturday, June 5, 2010

HERO PROFILE #31: Dark Guardian

[Heroes of NYC]

Operates out of: NYC

Training: Dark Guardian works as a martial arts instructor

Operates: DG is also an Administrator of

Quote: "I am here to show the world there are people that care to make a difference, people that will stand against what is wrong in our society, stand up to the bad guys, help those in need, and change the world for the better...

I work to help make a difference by doing civic activities, crime fighting, charity work, safety patrols, hospital visits, school talks, distributing wanted and missing person fliers, helping the homeless, community clean ups, and more. My main objective is to inspire others. There is a hero in everyone and if we would let it shine we would live a much nicer place."

Authors notes: Having a great time in NYC- meeting up with Dark Guardian and others tomorrow, hopefully will have more time to write this afternoon.


  1. Yikes! That was well said, as all except perhaps Crime Fighting, are noble objectives worthy of emulation. Half of those ideas one didn't even know, but are excellent suggestions citizens can become involved in. That's inspiration!

    Curses! Foiled again.
    -Lord Malignance

  2. One of my main inspirations to become a RLSH.

    Great guy. Great guy.

  3. He is my inspiration to become a RLSH as well, I am just starting out and I hope to learn all I can from him and get some guidance.