Thursday, June 3, 2010

No! Sleep! 'Til BROOKLYN!

That's a picture of me on the streets of Manhattan the last time I was in New York- the year was 1996 and I had just graduated High School. As you can see I dressed more "business casual" back then.

Ready for New York!
Here's what I'm bringing:

-A longboard- despite majorly biting it while riding this downhill a week or two ago, I can still hang ten on it alright.

-My laptop,(named Pepper Potts- yes, I know I'm a dork)

-print outs of subway maps

-Two small notepads and pens

- A digital camera

-A digital voice recorder (in case I do any formal interviewing)

-clothes, a toothbrush

-And as we learned from A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Universe, the most important thing- a towel

stay tuned...will be trying to do blog posts AND New York Hero Profiles daily


  1. My ledger book for RLSH related expenses is named Heath.

    Get some video of you boarding with Z and Lucid. That will be epic.


  2. Tea Krulos,

    Good luck and be safe. And whatever you do, please try and catch up with Phantom Zero. He's been quiet of late (except for ).

    -Lord Malignance

  3. Ohhh, how that picture makes me long for the past. Punk was fun.

  4. Victim-
    I tried hitting a piece of your polycarbonate with a weapon and it barely left a dent. Did get some skating in, but unfortunately no video.

    Lord Malginance-
    Was supposed to meet Phantom Zero and Nyx again (I actually met both of them back in September at the Superheroes Anonymous 3 conference) today at a meet up organized by Dark Guardian, but they had something come up and couldn't make it.

    Yeah, it was hella fun.