Thursday, August 5, 2010


AKA: Exclamation Mark

Operates out of: Bay Area, CA

Activities: Safety patrols, hand outs

Quote: "The exclamation mark is a symbol of emotion. Emotion moves us to action. Action brings change. We must be the change we seek."

Author's notes: Hero Profiles are back! I haven't talked to the man known as Exclamation Mark much! But he seems like a good guy!


  1. I can honestly say that ! is a good man. I've had the pleasure of being friends with him for some months now and find him to be insightful and forthright. He genuinely cares about others and earnestly seeks to help his community the best ways he can.

  2. The coat makes his head look very tiny. Still, he's a great guy.

  3. His finishing move should be called the Interrobang.

    Jast sayin'.

  4. One has not heard of !, however the value and earned respect attributed to Silver Sentinel, is a significant endorsement.

    MORE worthy heroes?! Drats.
    -Lord Malignance

  5. Holy All-Father Metatron,
    Protect ! on the streets as he dispenses justice. May he never receive an offer from an African Price who is in exile and needs to transfer $85,000,00o dollars. May the winds on MySpace never deter his App game loading. May ! always remember that Gmail is superior to Ymail.
    Zetaman a.k.a. Gabriel the Angel

  6. Zeta, I really hope that is sarcasm, because if you are the next to go off the deep end then there really is no hope.

  7. Rad costume. I like the cut of His jib.

  8. Verily does the angel Gabriel speakth the truth.
    Upon the twenty eight day, the Angel Gabriel shall fly upon his 747 boeing jet. And lo, from the heavens, double chocoalte chip Otis Spunkmeyer cookies shall rain like manna on the San Fran Bay Area, And truly, ye shall know that Gabriel walkth amongs thou.