Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Longboard Update

I finally got a few extra bucks and so I was able to pimp my ride the way I wanted it.

On the front end of the board I attached two small but powerful LED flashlights. The initial problem was that they were rattling loudly within the brackets, but this was solved by stuffing foam between the flashlights and the brackets. The lights came in handy when I joined Watchman and Blackbird for a patrol during a streetlight blackout (Which I wrote about HERE.)

Moving down the board I painted a design just for fun. I used light blue spray paint with a couple of diamond shaped stencils and hand painted the dark blue with acrylic.

I bolted down a small am/fm radio so I can listen to the oldies station (or 91.7FM- the college radio station) while I'm cruising around town. I was concerned I wouldn't be able to hear the radio, but it turns out the volume is pretty adequate.

Next to the radio you'll notice I pasted a pin up of my favorite green skinned superheroine, the Sensational She Hulk. I guess she's there to keep me company on lengthy commutes.

Last, at the very end of the board I attached a blinking red light designed for bicycles. This is also for cruising on dark streets- I'd rather motorists saw me and I also have a blinking red light that I can attach to my back pocket or belt.

There is only one more thing I'd like to get for the board and that's a new set of wheels.

All of the supplies I used totalled up to be about 15-20 bucks. Poor men know how to find a good deal.


  1. Fantastic sounds ride, good sir. Also, She Hulk = The best. Any superhero can beat the shit out of you, but this one can take you to court and WIN.

  2. ROACH is having its annual financial management seminar next month (as the minions just can't seem to help blowing their paychecks every two weeks.) Would you like to provide a guest lecture?

  3. Ha! Sure. How about a lecture titled "Ramen Noodles: Foodstuff or Cardboard?"

  4. Just as long as you ride your sweet longboard to the podium.

  5. Wow, It look like an art. How can i know what did you do with this longboard?. So great. The total fee is very cheap. Creative man!