Thursday, August 26, 2010

HERO PROFILE #43: Mr. Jack

Operates out of: Washington state/ Pennsylvania (seasonal)

: Patrols, hand outs, charity


Quote: "Stay frosty, everyone."

Author's notes: Mr. Jack is living the grand RLSH adventures, meeting up with his fellow heroes in Portland and Seattle, doing water handouts, battling Bag Monsters (VIDEO HERE-you don't see that everyday!) and detailing his thoughts on his blog. I haven't met Mr. Jack, but did talk with him for awhile on the phone and my impression is that he is armed with three important things;a thoughtful demeanor, a good sense of humor, and a sharp looking suit.


  1. Mr. Jack is my Best friend in the community
    so I may seem biased but I speak the truth
    Mr. Jack is an awesome indevidual
    He's caring, thoughtful, intense, A snappy dresser and one of the best people you could ever talk to
    He was the first person I talked to when I got in this community
    and I've learned just as much from his example as any other RLSH.
    He gets the "Minuteman seal of valor"
    not as impressive as the Silver seal of approval but you can trade mine in for 1(ONE) meal at any time

  2. I like that fella! He's quick with memes. :D

  3. Ditto, Minuteman. And I'm sure that Silver Sentinel would share the same sentiments (alliteration FTW!).

    I started talking with Mr. Jack when he first joined the community. I had been around for a few months by then, but I was still a newbie, just like he was.

    Since then, I've watched him grow and develop as a RLSH, to the point where I consider him one of the leaders of the RLSH community. He's one of my best friends, and by the Gods I love the man as if he were my own brother. I look forward to the day that I finally meet him (hopefully at HOPE 2011), and joining him in a few hearty laughs and ridiculous shenanigans.

    In conclusion, Mr. Jack rocks. He's been a great inspiration and an even better friend. I hope that he never stops doing all that he does.


  4. Thank you for all of this. I really need to do more to earn this spotlight, and I will. This is just very meaningful. Again, thank you. Apparently, I can has into RLSH. (^^)