Friday, August 20, 2010


Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson began his term in November 2008. According to the City of Vancouver website, "He was elected on a platform of ending street homelessness in the City of Vancouver by 2015, and making Vancouver the greenest city in the world."

Thanatos, the Dark Avenger of Vancouver, thinks he can do more. He has offered an online video challenge for the Mayor Robertson to join forces with him to help Vancouver's large homeless population.

You can watch the VIDEO CHALLENGE HERE.

"He really isn't a bad mayor and he has tried to do a lot for the homeless problem.
I think he can do more. I can." Thanatos wrote online on a forum.

Thanatos does monthly hand outs of water, food, tarps, blankets, and other supplies. I myself rode along with him as he did an early morning handout to homeless along with others during the 2010 Winter Olympics. It was very clear that he had a working knowledge of where to find Vancouver's homeless and how to approach them, even while wearing a green skull mask.

Thanatos knew the names of many he encountered, and in return many knew his name and recognized him as a friend. On his most recent mission, Thanatos handed out 70 bottles of water on a hot evening.

Heroes in the Night has issued a media request to Mayor Robertson's office asking if they plan on responding to Thanatos. Any response will be reported here.


  1. Yeah... I am sure the mayor is going to take this one seriously... well Mayor McCheese might.

    Thanatos no matter how noble or well intentioned is wearing a cheap holloween mask. Maybe if you get Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny to help out he might validate your parking when doing a patrol.

  2. PK, that may well be the point. If the mayor can't stand up to the challenge of someone in a "Halloween Mask" then how is he going to meet the challenges of the real world problems he faced with every day?

    As far as the mask goes, read this bit I posted, it might clear things up.


  3. Victim, I agree with you and I read your post on the and I found it very insightful. I think the mask has it's time and place and taking on a different persona in general, when applied with the intent to help those in need carries with it great power.

    I am reminded of the child with autism who was hanging on the balcony ledge and people were afraid he would jump. The fireman could not caox him down until one of them got an unusual idea. Donning a Spiderman costume he had on hand he presented himself to the child. The child was awe struck and astonished that this superhero was standing before him and went running into his arms and to safety.

    Historically speaking, costumes and masks have also played an important part in the history of this country. Against the abusive leadership of the British government American rebels donned masks and costumes of indians to stage what would become one of the most prominent acts of rebellion in American history, namely the Boston Tea Party. There are other cases like this one but this one has been on my mind for quite some time.

    Lastly, this is just my opinion but personally it's a waste of time to try to reason with Poop Knife. He's very good at putting his negative and biased slant on things in a manner that is somewhat subtle when he wants it to be. It's sad that some people either cannot see or for personal reasons willingly ignore the power and symbolism of the mask and costume. That's not to say that masks and costumes cannot be used for malicious purposes. However chronically attacking the good that they can and sometimes obviously accomplish as in the case of Thanatos and others is grossly unfair as well.

  4. Truth becomes self evident over time. If someone has a body of work, that can be examined later. Giving PK the chance to speak his mind is not only the diplomatic thing to do, but also creates a record of his doings for others to read later.

    Many other RLSV have chosen the path of trying to do good in their own right while either becoming RLSH themselves, or continuing to provide needed critical examination. He is free to go out into the world and use his talents to help, mask and/or costume optional.


  5. I have very little doubt of this going anywhere. Sorry.

  6. At first I would agree that this would be blown off, but then I thought about it more. Thanatos is an actual known quantity in Vancouver. The authorities are aware of him, and he has received recognition. He has appeared in the media and been shown in a positive light.

    Unlike many of the rest of the RLSH, Thanatos has an actual solid reputation. He's not just "some kook in a halloween mask" that can easily be ignored. I believe some sort of response will be forthcoming on this.

    .. I feel it in my beard.

  7. You sure that isn't just a pizza crumb?

  8. One likes this idea.

    Champions CAN be used as symbols, and Champion causes (it's a noun And a verb). It hasn't worked too well for the RLSH in the past, but that doesn't mean that it can't. An idea can be carried very well by the idea of a Cities Champion challenging the establishment to do more for their constituents.

    One might humbly suggest, that Thanatos add a voter drive to his rounds, and use the power of the vote to help Motivate those in power to listen more carefully for his words.

    And - this isn't anytown - this is Vancouver. A unique city of diverse cultures, and a history of social justice. Why not Thanatos? All he needs is the mayor to acknowledge the need, and vow to do more. A victory! Even if nothing is to ever be done, the Powerful will have answered to the people. The die will be cast, the precedent set.

    One hates superheroes. One really does.
    -Lord Malignance
    (Bonne Chance mon ennemi)