Friday, August 27, 2010


RLSHs have had stories on them in the New York Times, CNN, Rolling Stone and media around the world. They've made appearances on the local news and morning talk shows. But on American Idol?

Well, not exactly- a knockoff from the great country of Australia.

And if it's wild and Australian, there can only be one man involved- that's right, Captain Australia. It's been awhile since we've heard from the Captain. Heroes in the Night hosted a discussion in which Captain A asked for advice in how to deal with a gang of bikers HERE.

You can imagine my surprise when I found that the defender of Brisbane (and Australia in general)was not only still active but will make an appearance on Australian television...singing. It's for an American Idol style show called X-Factor.

I e-mailed the Captain and asked him what song selection he chose.

"I sang Tina Turner's 'We Dont Need Another Hero." The Captain replied. "The show should air one evening next week. Basically a young man from Sydney named Rodney (who I met while on patrol at the Gold Coast) challenged me to do it, and given that it was also a chance to get some exposure, I jumped on it. I'll make sure the video gets updated to the web."

But why wait when you can see the Captain kicking out the jams on a blog entry on his website? You can see him practicing the Tina Turner hit in a video at the end of a blog entry HERE. How does it sound?' and it even features a brief harmonica solo!

Now some of you are probably thinking this is way off the charts but think about it- X-Factor's viewership is millions and millions of people. I think it's inevitable that a certain percentage will say "who was that masked man?" and will put an effort into finding out more about him.


Captain Australia isn't the only superhero songbird- Danger Woman loves to sing and hails from Atlanta, Georgia.

The autistic superhero calls herself a "songbird of justice" and will star in a documentary titled Disabled but Able to Rock! You can check out the documentary website, including a trailer HERE.

Danger Woman's story even inspired The Aquabats to write a song dedicated to her, as cataloged in The Aquabats wiki.
Danger Woman introduces the RLSH house band, The Aquabats


If there was to ever be a RLSH themed Idol show, I'd like to help out now by suggesting a few numbers for performances. We are talking solid gold here, folks!

-I'm actually not kidding about this one- I've heard Civitron do a killer rendition of "Rebel Yell" (Billy Idol)

-And speaking of killer, how about "(Don't Fear) The Reaper" (Blue Oyster Cult) as performed by Thanatos?

-The Watchman could wow the crowds with a version of "All Along the Watchtower" (written by Bob Dylan, famously covered by the Jimi Hendrix Experience)

-A shoo in for the final round would be Apocalypse Meow doing a soulful, Aretha Franklin style take on the "Meow Mix Jingle" (written by Shelly Palmer)

-Metadata acts as an oracle, providing info for RLSH over the phone, so I think it would be fitting for her to throw down "Telephone" (by Lady Gaga, featuring Beyonce- a song that once got stuck in my head for a week)

-In a surprise duet from the future, time travelling villainess Agent Beryllium could hit the high notes while Captain Ozone could hit the low notes on "The Time Warp" (from the Rocky Horror Picture Show)

-Lastly, I would suggest Phantom Zero lead a chorus of other ghostly themed RLSH in an operatic version of "Ghostbusters" (by Ray Parker, Jr.)

Imagine what Simon Cowell would have to say on that one!


  1. I was going to make a Spotify playlist and put up as a respons...but you know...nevermind... :(

    Awesome idea, though, Tea. Never again will I be able to look at someones post on the forums without trying to figure out what they would be singing. And how fantastic they would look doing it.

  2. Rooster,
    I hate to make a Swedish stereotype here, but I think you'd be great singing one of the great hits by ABBA- perhaps "Mama Mia" or "Dancing Queen." What do you think?

  3. He, he, not quite what I had in mind...but for you; anything.

  4. Captain Australia, my first RLSH nemesis, is now doing American Idol-style shows? My, how they grow up so fast! Best of wishes to him as always.