Monday, August 16, 2010

RLSH v.s. The Dog Days of Summer

The dog days of summer are upon us, the time of year when dehydration is a very serious threat, especially to those unfortunate enough to be stuck out in the heat. Three separate water hand out missions were conducted by RLSH on August 15. The expense for these missions is low and the goal is simple- keep people hydrated.

Vancouver, August 15-
It was a "hot and hazy" day in Vancouver, almost 100 degrees(Fahrenheit). Thanatos, the Dark Avenger of Vancouver (along with Lady Catacomb) packed his van with 70 bottles of water and headed to the Main and Hastings area of downtown, delivering water to people in places like Oppenheimer Park. Thanatos reports he handed out the water in less than an hour, and that his total cost for the water was merely ten dollars.


Seattle, August 15
Meanwhile, further south, a crew of RLSH hit the streets of Seattle to hand out water, including SkyMan, White Baron, The Irishman, and Mr. Jack. The RLSH quartet walked the area by the waterfront and the Pike Place Market, handing out a case of water. While on their mission they crossed paths with the Bag Monster and talked about entering into a diplomatic Bag Monster/ RLSH relationship. (You can see Bag Monster's site HERE.)
L-R: White Baron, Mr. Jack, the Bag Monster, SkyMan. Not pictured: Irishman.

Orlando, August 15-
The hot streets of Florida were the site of the third water handout. Team Justice members Master Legend and Symbiote were joined by Metadata to do the handout. The trio loaded up the Justice Van and headed to an area where a large group of people lined up to get a cold water.


Ps- Report on meet up with Peter Tangen soon!


  1. Damn that Master Legend for handing out water!

  2. Did he bless it first? I know it's just a Clr 1 spell, but how many 1st level spells can a demigod cast? I never did an epic level campaign, but I'm assuming that one 20 oz water bottle is equivalent to one flask.

    Frankly I'd be more impressed if he cast Hero's Feast. In heat like this, a +1 morale bonus to will saves would come in handy.

  3. 1021 eV = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 eV


    Also, roll d20 evens and you get your own 20/20 special.

  5. The Seattle meetup was so very cool. I did not even realize that two others had gone on! Very cool how such coincidence can turn out such prosperous help. (^^)

  6. Thats cool guys. Geist and I did a water handout too, but on Monday. It was a good chance to go out and help some folks, but I tell you, carrying a case of water in a bag on your shoulder and walking 3-4 miles is not fun. LOL

    We hope to give away an enormous amount of water, food and supplies during the HOPE event though.