Friday, August 6, 2010

The meeting of 100 heroes?

This year's San Diego Comic Con turned into a quickly assembled RLSH team up and media event.

Mr. Xtreme, Urban Avenger,Good Samaritan
, and Vigilante Spider, all of Southern California, were joined by Razorhawk (Minneapolis), Thanatos (Vancouver), DC's Guardian (Washington DC), and Citizen Prime (formerly reported as retired- from Salt Lake City) as well as photographer Peter Tangen and a documentary crew. The team gathered to do two hand outs of water and other supplies to San Diego's large homeless population.

The event inspired Razorhawk to plan ahead for next year. He is calling the event H.O.P.E. (Homeless Outreach Program Effect) 2011, to take place during next year's Comic Con. He has set up a page for the event here:

It is said that Razorhawk's goal is to gather no less than 100 RLSHs for the event, walking down the streets handing out supplies- a very ambitious and colorful goal. So far he has had about 15 sign up for the event, and counting. Razorhawk says:

"I decided I want to get a real leg up on this one cause the last one meant so much to me and I want to see that if given enough time we can get the biggest homeless outreach on record with an amazing number of RLSHs on hand to do it. Now I don't care if passing out water is your primary goal or not, but I want to band together as many of us to see what we are capable of as a team."

San Diego Comic Con runs July 21-24 of 2011. I will be attending the con and the RLSH activities myself.

* * *

You don't have to wait a year to be part of a team up though- the 4th Annual Superheroes Anonymous takes place next month, September 18-19. It takes place in Portland, Oregon, and will be hosted by Zetaman, Apocalypse Meow, and their team, The Alternates. At SA4 RLSHs will join in the Susan G. Komen’s Race for the Cure, work at a food bank, patrol, and have an awards ceremony.
More info here:

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  1. From Agent Beryllium's Encyclopedia Chronologica, circa 2425,

    "And there came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest real life heroes were united against a common threat! On that day the RLSV took the opportunity, since pretty much all of the RLSH were stupidly gathered in one location, after all, to send down The Foot, the giant robotic foot, three miles wide, seven miles long, and twelve miles high, to squarsh 'em all into paste. Thus began the popular saying, 'In RLSV Amerika, ROACH squash you!'"