Friday, July 23, 2010

Part 3- A Q and A with Master Legend

Earlier this week I did an e-mail interview with Master Legend. He kept his answers short and to the point.

Tea Krulos: What inspired you to become a real life superhero?

Master Legend: When I was young I got in trouble for fighting the school bully, so I made a mask and super hero shirt and beat him up with my mask and ran away behind a building and was never caught.

-What has been the most adventurous thing that has happened to you so far?

So many things it’s hard to say. I think one of my favorite adventures is when I became a purple dragon.
(Needless to say, I felt this deserved a follow up question. It turns out he doesn't mean an actual, firebreathing dragon but a ninja gang)

I became a purple dragon at 15 years old. A friend and myself saved a guy getting jumped. It just so happened he was one of the leaders of the purple dragons, a ninja style biker gang that fought for good. I know it sounds weird but that's the story of my life. I later became a member by fighting grown men in bar rooms, jumping water towers and swimming through the three canals of death. I still have my leather jacket.

-You have received some controversy for stating that you also are Metatron. For someone who doesn’t understand who Metatron is, can you describe what function or duties Metatron performs? What message do you hope to send the world as Metatron?

As Metatron it is my duty to look after the young people and tell people the truth of the bible. I also heal people and am a destroyer of evil.

-One group that has been very supportive of you is Team Justice. If you encounter someone unfamiliar with the team, how would you describe to them what Team Justice is and what types of things the team does ?

We are the world’s first super hero team recognized by the United States government dedicated to helping the rejects of society. We fight evil and bring much needed provisions to those in need.

- Some people have raised criticisms about your drinking. What do you say to these critics?

I say to them to get off their prescription drugs and have a beer instead. Also for the record I don't get drunk, I just like to drink my light beers mostly while I eat my crawfish.

-Another criticism has been statements you’ve made about homosexuals. Could you clarify what your opinion on homosexuality is?

All I have ever said is that the bible says that lifestyle brings death and disease and that is true. I worked in a hospital, I know.

- Do people call you crazy? How do you respond to that?

I may be crazy but I'm still a genius.

- What is Master Legend’s goal in life? What do you hope to accomplish?

You will see.

-Is there anything else you’d like the readers of this interview to know?

I would like them to know many things, so read my stuff. Also know this, I have come to save you. You will see.

So there you go, folks- "you will see." Now you've heard from me, you've heard testimonials and criticisms from others, and you've heard from the man himself. Now I'd like to hear from you. I encourage any and all opinions and even debate in the comments section. If it turns into ugly name calling just for name calling sake I will exercise my right over the delete button.


  1. Very well-written series, Mr. Krulos; insightful, balanced, and well thought-out.

    I'd like to take a moment to speak about my own experiences with Master Legend.
    I've had occasion to correspond with him on the RLSH forum and in my blog more than once (back during my tenure as The White Skull,) and one memorable incident ended with him making a very clear threat to me, backed up by his minion, Tothian. The subject? Me ridiculing his claims of being an angelic being.

    I'd like to venture the opinion that Mast Legend is dangerously deranged and mentally unbalanced; he's like a skyscraper in an earthquake. While everything may seem okay from the ground level, the upper parts are dangerously wobbling, ready to bring the entire structure crashing into ruin thanks to its instability. Likewise, Master Legend is like that. He may manage to convince most people that he's okay, but in the dealings I've had with him, I've glimpsed the instability, the dangerous wobbling. It's only a matter of time before Master Legend slips completely and irrevocably into ruin, either through his statements online, or through his physical actions in the world.

    He is, in my opinion, an easily influenced, bigoted and willfully ignorant sociopath that justifies his actions and statements with hollow, backwards logic and threats.

    This is not what a hero should be. Not at all. To quote The Usual Suspects, "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was to convince the world that he didn't exist."

    Likewise, the greatest trick Master Legend ever pulled was to convince the world that he was a hero.

    Master Legend is a villain.

  2. Tea Krulos,

    Yes - a well balanced article, with the claims both positive and against, and an interview with the hero himself. Everyside represented, and presented in balance.

    Some of ones favorite parts;

    As to the encounter with "Big Red" - the story is much more entertaining if you imagine that what Master Legend neglected to reveal is that Big Red is 12 years old.

    Master Legend has a Radio Show! A chance to Rap with Metatron - oh the crazy delights when we two shall meet!

    PoopKnife never disappoints (one is biased).

    Z - you show uncharacteristic wisdom: you see through ones plot "Master Legend: Greatest RLSH".

    One absolutely wants to Make T-Shirts with Master Legends Battlecry "I may be crazy but I'm still a genius". Priceless!

    Thank you for doing the work and sharing this,
    -Lord Malignance

  3. Master Legend gives me the creeps. It's like Fred Phelps and Dog the Bounty Hunter had a lovechild, but I can only go so far to blame Master Legend himself. He's very ill, and the stories he makes up about being an angel and fighting bad guys is probably all he has in life.

    His enablers, however; the normal brain functioning people who cheer him on? They are the ones who are turning an otherwise unremarkable mental case into a violent attention-seeking psycho. Master Legend wouldn't be doing this if people didn't give him attention for it. If they'd stop fawning over him like he was just an adorable eccentric puppy and stage an intervention so he can get off the alcohol, learn to control his impulses, see the harm caused by committing crimes of violence against so-called "bad guys"; then maybe, MAYBE Master Legend could reassess life with a clear head and see that you don't have to be an "archangel" or beat up "bad guys" to make people love you.

    If Master Legend's crazy boils over and people get hurt, I'm not blaming him: I'm blaming the enablers.

  4. There has been some positive things left out like how he helped rescue people after a hurricane, how he received an award from the police, and he is recognized by the local law enforcement.


  5. I am skeptical about police being fine with this violent man on the streets. Recognition for helping people after Katrina, fine, giving out water to the homeless, fine, but beating people senseless in lieu of due process of law (not to mention that the court of law that decides who deserves to be "punished" hinge entirely on Master Legend's assumptions of guilt) negates those "good works".

    If you beat an innocent man (or woman) until they can no longer defend themselves, you are a slimewad. Yes, even ONCE.

    Master Legend has to be lying about all those fantastic encounters with "bad guys" he likes to brag about, or else the police are waiting for credible witnesses to step forward to testify on Master Legend's assault charges.

    Liar or criminal. That's what is going on here.

    And heroes, if you've sat and watched Master Legend beat the shit out of a citizen? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

    Can you not get it through your thick skulls that HITTING PEOPLE is WRONG?!

    You know what? If you guys were actually more interested in keeping crime off the streets than playing along with the "we're all friends here" game, you'd be forwarding Master Legend's stories about assaulting people to the police instead of politely ignoring those testimonies of crime.

  6. Truth be told I agree that Master Legend is a bit off his rocker. Maybe the word crazy is appropriate...or delusional...or eccentric. But I find the reaction of some people online, especially members of ROACH and their mascot Poop Knife to be both shamefully and transparently laughable. So many accusations of him being a hateful person and yet it was apparently the continuing hatemongering and vitriole tossed at the RLSH movement in general that inspired someone to slash Zetamans tires and leave a ROACH calling card in its wake. Poop Knifes fake MySpace page called Free Information has pictures of a Nazi Pope, a young child raising his arm as if saluting Hitler with a description of "White Power" and children lying around in a picnic smoking dope and all drugged up. Months ago one of their members stated that children with cancer should be exterminated so that they do not further contaminate the gene pool, and even before that there was the incident with one of their members/allies taking a picture out of context and attempting to ruin a good mans reputation by calling him a pedophile. It was also not long ago that one of their allies openly advocated the use of violence and drug use.

    There are some legitimate criticisms of Master Legend. I will never doubt that. However, alot of the people criticizing Master Legend engage in the very same harmful and vindictive rhetoric that they accuse him of. Organizations who accuse him of inspiring violence or lawlessness have also inspired people to go around slashing tires and as in the case of Exit Nero, making fun of it. Lastly and perhaps the greatest piece of hypocrisy and irony from one of Master Legends greatest detractors... namely Poop Knife himself - he constantly bashes Master Legend for being how he is and yet....

    1) Poop Knife sent Master Legend a friend request on Poop's fake / poorly veiled Free Information MySpace page.

    2) Poop Knifes email address is Really? A guy harping on Master Legend for being a hater and he has this as his email?

    3) His MySpace page Free Information is just a giant exercise in hatred and prejudice.

    The sheer ignorance or cowardice that goes on with regards to some of the Master Legend haters is ridiculous. Your ready to crucify a guy for the way he is and yet you willingly ignore or gloss over the faults and negative consequences of your own words and actions. You begrudge him for supposedly being hateful but inspire hatred and practice hatred yourselves and no amount of hiding behind villain gimmicks, aliases, misdirecting MySpace pages, lab coats, goggles, or shiny masks can conceal this.

    You want Master Legend to be accountable but you refuse to be accountable for your own actions. You bash Master Legend for being hateful and yet you are no better and perhaps worse in this regard. You accuse him of being homophobic and yet you have blatant racists on your side. I counter your accusation of his homophobia with your allies/members open admission of advocates of violence. I counter your accusation of his alcoholism with previous members/allies blatant drunkenness on internet radio shows, pictures posted on Myspace pages of children drugged out of their minds. I counter your accusation of him inspiring hatred with your inspiring someone to slash Zetamans tires and leave a ROACH calling card.

    The lot of you so-called villians are not even close to being real vilians. Alot of you come off as just sad people with little or no social life who have devolved to spending an unnaturally high amount of time and energy rambling on with your poison. There is a life beyond the computer monitor and the ignorant hate mongering you enslave yourselves to on a regular basis. Try getting one.

  7. And... we veer off the tracks, as a little mouse attempts to shift attention off the topic of discussion. In this comment thread, we are attempting to review the article about Master Legend.

    Mr. Jingles can mention tires, which as of this time appears to have no linkage at all to ROACH and Villainy, and more probably draws responsibility from the Heroes themselves. He throws the cannard "Poopknifes other activities" (one has not viewed these) to confuse. Were this a thread on PoopKnife, these might have any-kind-of-relation-to- anything-in-this-discussion-at-all. It would be as if one were to take shots at Ms.Meow, because she also had a testimonial sited. Makes no sense, does it? PoopKnifes email as stated yet again, is hyperbole. There never was a king of the nazis. One has seen other peoples emails that don't use their real names, and often use silly or odd words/names. This happens in the real world outside of make believe comic books.

    Back to the topic! Great Article, and/or Fair Article? And what of the subject matter? Master Legend: Greatest RLSH , or Anchor to all their hopes? One appreciates the comments made by people who have actually worked with him, because the experience is truer. Not that Villainy can't speak about him! In this venue of journalism however, it might be better to have the truer stories, and honest questions asked and concerns expressed.

    More can be learned by everyone this way.

    -Lord Malignance
    Seriously Mr. Jingles, Still unworthy.

  8. @Agent Berylliyum: Master Legends alliance & help to the Orange Country Sheriffs office is on record, and real. Read the Rolling Stone article, It was verified. Period.

    As for not hitting anybody? Non-Violence is a cute pipe-dream until you run into somebody who doesn't feel the same way. Ask Ghandi.


  9. So by that logic, Superhero, we should all abandon hope for a world where non-violence accomplishes anything?
    We should all just say "fuck it" and start strapping on weapons because, as you assert, non-violence never solves anything and, by following through on that logic, we should strike first before they have a chance to strike at us.

    Wow. Suddenly I have no feelings of remorse whatsoever for anything I ever said about the RLSH movement, if that's the general consensus among you people.
    Actually, I'd better be careful; I wouldn't want someone showing up at my house and solving things in the manner you deem necessary, now would I?

  10. Superhero,

    Hello! One only mentions this to be contrary (Villain!) but in the case of Ghandi - didn't he ultimately win? He did get shot, yes, but his efforts contributed to the independence of a country. He won specifically because of his message of non violence (the Brittish were quite skilled at the use of force as a method to uphold their occupation). One imagines if we did ask Ghandi if Non Violence works, he would look around at a free India and say "yes".

    -Lord Malignance

  11. I have recently broken bread with a handful of RLSH I had blindly had animosity towards in the past and Master Legend is one of those people. I realized as of late how much of a hypocrite I have been. Condemning the man for his drinking (which apparently is more under control than the rumors allow), judging his actions just because of personal beliefs, even going as far as placing judgment on him because of his faith. His drinking is none of my business especially seeing as I have my own addictions which are much worse than a few beers, his personal beliefs are none of my concern after seeing that he is indeed honest and wholehearted in his actions to help others, and even as an Atheist judging him because of his personal spiritual belies is just a lame cop-out, most certainly for an evil supergenius such as myself. As far as him claiming to be Metatron, I claim to be a highly-evolved talking gorilla with the fictional title of "sound vandal", so no further comment on that. I have nothing to say beyond that, other than "squash all beef".


  12. Superhero is right in that I overlooked (and shouldn't have) evidence that Master Legend has been recognized by local law enforcement. The section "Pro-Legend" has been edited to reflect this.

    I will also gladly add hurricane rescue work he has done if anyone can give me some basic info- when, where, what hurricane.

    -Tea Krulos

  13. Smeag wrote
    "So by that logic, Superhero, we should all abandon hope for a world where non-violence accomplishes anything?"

    Yes you should, That's the way of the world. Human History is written in blood & just because I don't want to "Hit" anybody doesn't mean they don't want to do it to me OR you for trying to stop them from beating grandma's head in to feed their habit. Wake up.

    Lord Wrote:
    "in the case of Ghandi - didn't he ultimately win?"

    No, It was after WWII & britan couldn't hold it's Foriegn colonies anymore anyway. They tried it during WWII & the britts gunned them down. Anti-Gun nuts always try to throw up "ghandi sucseeded!" as a arguement & what really freed india was Britans Bankruptcy from WWII spending.

  14. At any rate: the point (& back on topic) is ML has opperated as he's needed to to get the job done in his area, I've seen hi use Violence, & I've seen him use kindness as well. There's no point in second guessing him.

  15. So if society can ultimately never evolve past its violent state, then tell me, Superhero, what exactly is your purpose for existing?

    Why are you even trying to do good in a world that you feel will never learn from any philanthropic model? If it's all pointless, then by your own logic your efforts are merely for the sake of self-gratification.

  16. Superhero,

    With respect, Indian Independence was not an outcome of the Brittish being unable to spend adequate money neccesary to hold dominion, it was the will of the greater quantity of people within country seeking freedom. Ghandi had been active in his troublemaking (ok, "Villainy") well before WWII (Campaigns of civil disobedience 1920-22, 1930-33, and 1942). There were other forces also responsible for Indian independence to be sure, but his use of Non Violence within a predominately Hindu country cannot be diminished. Ones argument does not stem from claiming the mantle of Anti-gun nut: while one may not claim either your proficiency, or inventory, one too has a quantity of same.

    No point in Second Guessing Master Legend? Are we then to be docile animals and lay down and await his Legendary fall? When his deteriorating grasp of reality has him claim not to be Metatron, but instead Michael/Azrael/Samael- the Angel of Death? It's a smaller step from one angel to another, if you've already claimed your divinity.

    One chooses to rebel against the tyranny of the lawless, weather in tights or without. We as a civilization are built on Due Process and Equal Justice. Even the Old West of our country was built not on the vigilante, but on the laws and their enforcement.

    One has respect for the good work you and your group does, and wishes no untoward feelings (other than you know, one hates superheroes),
    -Lord Malignance

    (One may be posting overmuch, and will step back a pace to allow fresh ideas to post and flourish)

  17. Thanks for the respect, You get the same from me & i like your videos. As for India? Eh, I've heard both sides of the histroical coin on that one.
    As for second guessing ML? The point I'm making is he's going to be ML anyway. I work with the guy, Trust me.

    As for my stance on Non-Violence? Sorry guys I'm a student of history, 5000 years from now people will be blowing each other away with big armored Mech's (Cool) over oil or religion or something. It's a sad fact.

  18. @Smeag: I just put a dent in things, I never make any outlandish claims that I'd be able to change the nature of man. Even though I'm bald.

  19. which I respectfully offer my own opinion that, while non-violence is certainly harder route to go, it's not necessarily impossible.
    Just because society as a whole has never embraced it does not preclude the possibility of it ever happening.

    As someone who's trying to better mankind, you of all people should be actively campaigning for it to happen.

  20. I am going to interject here despite my reservations.
    I try to practice non-violent methods, but I still train for self-defense with the understanding that one day I may get attacked.

  21. Let me add some of my thoughts about my great friend Master Legend.

    I've known him online since October, 2006. Since then, he has been my best friend, and the most loyal friend I've ever had. He has never turned his back on me, but has still been honest with me about things he was either upset with or didn't agree with about, as I have been with him.

    So many people in this community (not naming names - but if you feel this applies to you - then you're who I'm referring to - if not, then don't worry about it) care more about their own self-image, than they do about their friends. Loyalty is a trait I've always considered heroic.

    For the years since I've spoken with Master Legend, he and I talk just about every night, for hours at a time. We've discussed in thorough details our outlook on life, and the world, and so many other things. I hung out with him for 2 weeks in person in October, 2008.

    I'll admit, that it's much easier for me to understand Master Legend because of how much I know him from talking with him, and also because of in how many ways I felt like I could relate to him.

    He never attacked anyone when I hung out with him. There was one day we were getting food at the food store, and this crackhead came up to the window, speaking in ebonics "Yo man, I don't mean ta botha you, but ah just need lahk uh dolla foty fahv, so if you could jus gimme lahk uh dolla foty fahv---" Master Legend quickly jumps out of the Justice Van, slams the door, and in a very firm yet respectful tone, he responds to the man "What do you need, man?! I'm in a rush!" The crackhead's tone gets very violent, shouting "Yo man, why you f***in' comin' out here lahk you gonna hit me or sumtin'? If ah did'n wanna go back to jail, ah'd beat yo a** raht now!", I got out of the Justice Van and stood right behind the guy, ready in case he was going to try to attack Master Legend. They did argue for a few minutes - the guy made violent threats and gestures to Master Legend. Master Legend did not even flinch nor show the slightest ounce of fear. He made it clear that he wasn't going to throw the first punch, would only attack the guy if the guy attacked him first, but he also isn't the type of man to back down, neither. So sure, some of you who are biased against Master Legend will think "He wasn't being nice." or "That's villainous!" but with people like that, you can't take crap from them, otherwise they're going to walk all over you. That crackhead never came back there again, and the Manager of that food store actually thanked Master Legend, because of the fact that that guy was scaring away the customers.

    Master Legend also never claims to be perfect. But just because he puts on a mask and helps others, you all expect him to conform to your own standards and be this perfect man. You can't please the world of people where no two people think alike. And you also can't change the world by conforming to it's standards. You do it by thinking outside the box, and taking the initiative to do what you were born to do.

    Sure, Master Legend may be crazy - which even he will admit - but that's what makes him interesting. Also, name one genius who wasn't crazy and eccentric.

    Master Legend also isn't creepy, neither. He doesn't look anything weird nor crazy like what you'd imagine him to look like, judging from what you've seen from his pictures where he's wearing his mask. He looks a lot younger, like some kind of celebrity rock and roll party dude.

    Live your lives, you're only going to be alive (as you) once. Make the best of it.

  22. Of course, the guy may not have progressed to violence because, y'know, there were two white guys in costumes surrounding him.

  23. Also, I love the Ebonics bit. Really helping your case.

  24. We weren't wearing costumes, as Halloween wasn't for another few more weeks.

    We weren't in uniform, neither, because we were, well, getting food at the food store.

    We were just in regular clothes, and the guy didn't see nor hear me get out of the Justice Van from the angle he was standing at. Once the guy realized Master Legend was crazy, he didn't want to fight him. So maybe being crazy has actually worked to the advantage of both Master Legend himself, and to the people he sets out to protect.

    So, for all this crap you "assume" about Master Legend, and try make it out to seem much worse than it actually is, you've never met him in person.

  25. I assume nothing. I go off of all the evidence I've gathered in dealing with him. He's a dangerous sociopath with delusions of grandeur, and everyone who puffs him up by endorsing him is going to be culpable when he finally snaps one of these days.

    He is going to snap one of these days; there isn't a single doubt in my mind.

  26. Master Legend definetely isn't a sociopath. Sociopaths feel no feelings of attachment, are usually charming, manipulative people who do things for themselves, not for others.

    Master Legend constantly gives to others without ever asking for anything in return.

    He may not show emotion, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have any. He just has had too many traumatizing experiences in his life and it's not easy for him to express it as much as others do. But I've seen how much emotional pain he has felt before when some of his family or friends had either died, or abandoned him.

    Master Legend is my brother. There is not a thing anyone can say, nor a thing that he can do, that will ever get me to turn against him.

    As for whether or not he will snap? Keep poking at him and digging into his personal business, you will probably see for yourself. Otherwise there is no reason to worry. Master Legend never antagonizes people, but he has never made it any secret that he destroys evil, so don't act shocked or surprised there. Evil has been warned.

  27. You're confusing Psychopath with Sociopath, Tothian.

    Also, how are you going to sit there and flat out deny he antagonizes, when you and he BOTH were on the forum together when he threatened me. In fact, you backed him up on that threat.
    Don't tell me he doesn't antagonize; I poked fun at his claims of divinity, and he flat-out threatened me with physical harm.

    Making fun of claims of being an angel does NOT equal to threats of physical harm. He clearly escalated with me, and THAT is antagonistic. You can't deny this; you were there in the thread, Tothian.

  28. Also, please tell me, Tothian, how it is that Master Legend gets to decide what is evil and what is not? From what I've witnessed, he often acts on his own hunches without looking at the issue from all sides. He's not special, that he gets to decide what evil is and is not.

    Justify THAT, Tothian. I dare you to try to justify that.

  29. I must interject here and just state that Tothian, you are not really helping. As a whole evidence suggests that Master Legend is continuously giving out his own brand of justice, which is not legal regarding any standards, and any kind of condoning in his behalf is wrong. He is also obviously out of his mind, which is praised. There are laws that must be followed, and despite what he may see as wrong there is still law and order that must be maintained.

    I understand Superhero's line of thinking, but in the end, is not your objective that of helping create some form of awareness and peace? Is it not your overall objective to show people what is wrong with the world? So to promote violence as a general is not right, and that is what is done by backing ML's actions. You should be promoting peace and security, teaching others how to do so, how others can be involved in making their world better.

    Violence may become necessary, but as you all say that should be the absolute last resort in any kind of circumstance, not automatically preparing yourselves for battle every time there is confrontation.

  30. Smeagol92055,

    I remember some of that, but a lot of the time he says things just because they're funny - it's harder to understand people's motives behind their words judging from written words alone. I'm usually a lot quieter in person than I am online. I understand that I seem rude online because it's easier to write my deep thoughts out more than speaking them, I prefer to be firm and honest yet respectful as I can be (sometimes it's funny to not be so nice all the time). In person I think people understand me more.

    Master Legend understands that his enemies will hate him no matter what he says or does, his real friends will be loyal and stick by him. Perhaps that has to do with the answers he seeks in life, or something like that.

    As far as justifying Master Legend's deciding what is evil and what is not, it's very simple. While everyone does have their own opinions of what is evil or not (including you guys), Master Legend has his opinions, too, often judging by what he has read from the Bible, the countless traumatizing experiences he's endured for decades of his life, and even what he had experienced and learned from when he died.

    If you know he has post traumatic stress disorder (as you have also openly stated about yourself) then you understand that it's also not a good idea to antagonize him. It's not good for him, it's not good for others around him.

    It's okay to disagree with people, but the point comes across much better to the point where others could understand it better if it's spoken more respectfully and as a friend, not as an enemy.

    Sometimes I think Master Legend serves like a much deeper philosophical purpose than what he reveals to everyone. He has explained to me countless times over the years of his fear of being viewed as perfect, so he tries to show everyone the worst side of him, it also has to due with his honest nature. I think one of the points he's trying to show the world is that you don't have to be some perfect person in order to do good in the world. Why create a false illusion of perfection, when one can be honest, accept themselves for who they are, and still find countless ways to accomplish lots of good in and for the world? What if, down the road, that turns out to be a tactic that actually ends up being more effective than what any of us have ever attempted to accomplish?


    What matters more to you? Doing what is legally right, or doing what is morally right?

    As for that last thing you wrote:

    "Violence may become necessary, but as you all say that should be the absolute last resort in any kind of circumstance, not automatically preparing yourselves for battle every time there is confrontation."

    To be fair, you do make a very good point to think about, however, sometimes as the saying goes "Pray for Peace, Train for War" And one must also take in to consideration a balance of both the "ends" versus "the means" can the actions OR the results be justified?

    While sure, the preferable option is to try to solve things peacefully, and sure it sounds nice on paper - however, it doesn't always apply that easily in the real world.

    Even Police Officers use "Good Cop, Bad Cop" Methods also, which work very effectively. This community has both kinds of people who fit into both categories, or sometimes a balanced mix of the two. Even using a fictional reference to comic books, you got the Superman comic books, and you got the Batman comic books, and sometimes if you want an even mix of the two, you buy a Spider-Man comic book. And other stuff like them, but all the rest seem to fall somewhere within or similar to those categories.

  31. Following up on someones previous post; As a responsible Villain, one follows up on claims made about heroes And Villains. The post 5th from top w/quote "Poop Knifes fake MySpace page called Free Information has pictures of a Nazi Pope, a young child raising his arm as if saluting Hitler with a description of "White Power" and children lying around in a picnic smoking dope and all drugged up." cannot be verified. One can find four Myspace pages for "Free Information" and none of them one can determine has any of the information described. If anyone can offer any information to correct these findings, one will research whatever information you have. Without that clarification it appears that a hero minion is lying (again).

    -Lord Malignance

  32. Lord Malignance,

    I'm not a minion, I'm a master mind. It's something that Master Legend and I both have in common, that's why we're such good friends.

    I would appreciate it if you left any childish insults out of this. Tea Krulos had left the comments open for the sake of honest discussion, not for the purpose of creating a giant pissing contest.


  33. Tothian, he's not making a pissing contest.

    He's asking that someone direct him to Poop Knife's supposed Myspace page so he can verify the claims for himself.

    Why are you focusing on the most unimportant aspect of his post? Also, only villains are masterminds. When it's a "hero" the term is strategist.

  34. Smeagol92055,

    LOL alright, my mistake to that first part then.

    As for that last part, I'm not a Hero, but I'm not a Villain, neither. I'm just a person, with my own set of skills, beliefs, goals, and mission, etc. and I'm too unique to be classified into any categories. That's why I call myself Tothian. Everyone will have their own different opinions of what may classify one as a Hero or Villain, but nobody else but me can decide what it means to be Tothian. Still, despite all I've shown about myself thus far, I feel like not many - if any - (except for myself) understands even but a mere fraction of that of which makes me who and what I am, here in the past, present, and future.

  35. The Overlord is a day late and a dollar short.

    At least I've decided what it means to be Tothian. The ebonics lesson was priceless, btw.

    Tea Krulos, excellent post. You are the authority on all things RLSH, and as always I appreciate Your balanced approach.

  36. Overlord,

    Do not dare to EVER speak to me. You are THE only person in this entire mother fucking community I for some reason absolutely fucking hate with an ungodly passion of a thousand hells and have ever since I first saw your name and picture and I don't know why. It's so rare that I ever feel such a hatred toward another human being.

    I also don't see you as an Overlord. I see you as an Underlord. If that's even a word. Make no mistake, I am superior to you in every way.


  37. It looks like Tothian has learned many lessons from Master Legend, including his humility...


  38. Let's just get this straight: Tothian hates Overlord, for reasons he cannot fathom, yet never having actually interacted with her, he cannot say why this is so.

    My theory? It's because she's a woman, and women belong in the kitchen, pregnant with Tothian's seed, and doing Tothian's dishes.
    Any woman who does not fit these criteria is either
    a.) a lesbian and therefore the enemy, or
    b.) Apocalypse Meow and therefore married to Zetaman.


  39. By the Gods, this made My morning.

  40. Since only Tothian may know what being Tothian means to him, I declare "Tothian" an adjective.

    I'm having a Tothian morning.
    Man, that new car is Tothian.
    And then she totally hit the beer bong like a Tothian.
    Blinded by the Tothian.

    (It can also be a noun. Shut up.)

  41. A question arises from this discourse; Is Master Legend contagious, and if, as it appears, he gave it to Tothian, what was the method of transmission? Can there be an innoculation prepared in time to spare others, or will "Master Legend Fever" spread?

    The Artist Formerly Known as White Skull,
    Thank you.

    What can one say? You've done better than one could of asked you to, and one thanks you for this.

    One has been beating heroes for months now, and one never gets the respect Tothian has shown you. What are your secrets?! They will be Mine!!!

    -Lord Malignance

  42. I think it's obvious what one must do to earn Tothian's ire, Lord Malignance:

    Be born a woman.

  43. Also, I'd like to take a moment to comment on how awesome Google's verification process is. When I typed in that last comment, the verification word was "ZING."

  44. Man, I feel cheap now. Tothian sees me and sends me smarmy messages like I'm an easy piece of ass, he sees Overlord and immediately his manhood is threatened.

    And this whole "you have to meet him to pass judgement" thing? It doesn't work. Why? Because when you meet a person in real life, it's not like your magically tapping into their essence. You're not spiritually gauging their sincerity.

    Often, people who are abhorrent and cringe-inducing in public life can be very skilled at evoking sympathy and camaraderie when they have the luxury of devoting all their attention on getting you to like them.

    It isn't difficult at all, you see, to convince someone that even though you SEEM like a bastard, really you're just want to be loved and this is the only way you know how-- and that's why you're so misunderstood! Share a few "personal secrets" and share a few soulful glances and yes, even someone who says the awful things that Master Legend says can seem like a sympathetic and complex individual.

    If they appeal to YOUR ability to see a "good man" when everyone else just sees a "bad guy", then yes, you've probably made a friend for life. And they will expect their investment to pay back handsomely, or else YOU are the traitor.

    The man who screams the loudest that evil must be stopped is probably the guy who has a closetful of evil that he's trying desperately to hide.

  45. Closetful of Tothian he's trying Tothianly to Tothian.

    (It's a verb now, too.)

  46. I will keep this comments section open, but lets try to tone down name calling and threats. I don't expect you guys to hold hands and sing "We Are the World," but this is getting to be a shit storm of internet anger.

    I knew passions would run high about Master Legend, though- why is that? I mean why him in particular?

  47. One cannot say for sure, but if one were to hazard a guess, it may be because Master Legend is the Greatest RLSH. With Tothian's Leadership, and Master Legend as example all other RLSH can emulate, the heroes need only a salezperson - but who? Who can sell this message and carry forward the message of Vil...ahem, superheroes?

    Of note: Good heroes, ones who one respects (there are so few) have spoken sincerely of personal experiences with Master Legend. These endorsements aren't hollow, and carry value. A more rounded picture of Master Legend has been presented.

    -Lord Malignance

  48. Good or bad, anyone can get suckered in when there's a magnetic personality involved.

    Unfortunately for "good", they tend to take pledges of heroism at face value... or at the very least want to believe that people's intentions might be misguided but they mean well.

  49. Tea Krulos,

    I know that Master Legend is the Archangel Metatron. I also know that I'm the Archangel Michael. We're acting out God's plan to expose evil and save the world. It might not all make sense now, but mark my words, you will see.

    To answer your question, I believe that when one polarizes their beliefs so boldly and honestly, they stand on some type of philosophical edge that puts them in a position of everyone either loving them, or hating them, rarely much lukewarm feelings or in-between.

  50. ...And this is why I decided to squash all beef. Good grief.

  51. You wanna know why that statement is inexpressibly creepy to some of us, Tothian?

    I'm not saying you are. Just that you're sounding dangerously like one, and it's creepy as hell.

  52. You DO know that you're not the only one who believes they are Saint Michael, and that EVERY other person who believes they are Saint Michael believes it JUST as ardently as you do, right?

    You're not alone in believing, so what makes your belief special?

  53. OOooh! Can I play? I wanna be Archangel Gabriel! I get to play the trumpet! It's OK, as long as I don't play "When the Saints go Marching In."

  54. Sure you can! You and the other 109 people who joined this group!

    ... or these people...

    ... or these...

    ... or these people, who believe that if you are overweight, you are an angel.

    Angels aren't fat, they just have an elevated gravity field. *cough cough*

  55. Agent Beryllium,

    God doesn't want me to kill anyone. Osama Bin Laden, if anyone. But that's to who ever could get him first, if not his own karma catching up to him first. If I wanted anyone dead, I'd straight up say it. God wants me to protect people and fight evil though.

    But if I creep YOU out, then that makes me very happy because I've accomplished my duty. I've made it my duty to creep you out as much as I possibly can. It gives me a feeling of power and control over you. You have no idea how far you've fallen into my trap. I own you and you don't even know it.

  56. You got turned down and you're angry that I didn't cave to an expansive ego.

    I have the pussy, I have the power. *wink*

  57. Agent Beryllium,

    I didn't get turned down because I don't recall ever asking you out. You look like you don't ever sleep, with those bags under your eyes. You look like Darth Vader after Luke Skywalker removed his mask in Return of the Jedi, but with a wig and orange goggles. I just wanted to give you a compliment because I figured nobody else ever did - and being the way you are I figured you probably had self-esteem issues. Same thing with Amazonia. But creeping you out was a huge bonus because you're a Villain and I destroy evil. It's nothing personal to you like it is with that Emo Bitch Overlord, so don't feel special or anything. I inherited over $14 million and I can have any woman I want, I have women hitting on me all the time, be it every where I go (I wear Tag Body Spray), or even on my Facebook. I've had a lot of girlfriends and flings, especially since last year for some reason. And as of late last month, I've been dating a woman who I love very much, she's beautiful and kind and we have so much in common and I enjoy talking with her.

    I have the iron dick and the iron balls - and the money - I have the power. You have nothing.


  58. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  59. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  60. ... and let me congratulate your ladyfriend pre-emptively for her big win with the alimony. She's worked very hard for it, I can tell.

    Truly, thou art blessed.

  61. Combined, the team of Ace and Gary are pounding backalleys hard for Justice!

  62. Hey Tothian, Tag body spray just called; they want you to be their spokesperson. Something about you claiming superiority because you can get any woman you want with your iron genitals and also because you straight want to murder Osama Bin Laden.

    Apparently all of those things are in their company brand standards.

  63. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  64. Tothian,

    Your insults to Beryllium are discourteous to the blog host, and demonstrate none of the heroic standards your peers would ask of you.

    If your intention is to continue further in this vein, you serve my will, and before me, you Will crouch. If however, you wish to demonstrate chivalry, you will take this opportunity to make amends as is required of men of honor.

    This choice one extends to you now: Will you crouch before me, or will you stand and be a hero?

    This is your moment. You are called upon to be a hero. How will you respond?

    -Lord Malignance

  65. Lord Malignance,

    If you read what I wrote earlier, you'll see that I'm not a Hero, nor am I a Villain. I'm Tothian. I won't deny that I have good traits or bad traits, but I've made it known from the very beginning for others to expect nothing from me otherwise they would be disappointed. I live up to nobody's standards but my own. But hey at least I'm honest about that.

    Look at how many responses that my responses have led to being added to this blog. Of course I probably made Agent Beryllium cry and consider quitting being a Villain, at least Overlord seems probably the kind of crazy psycho bitch who is probably using my picture as a dartboard, or planning my murder - which if attempted would be a complete and utter failure.

    But out of respect to Tea Krulos and also to Master Legend, we could keep this on topic about Master Legend, and/or re-locate this battle elsewhere.


  66. Tothian. Oh, HONEY.

    I'll intrude on your fantasy of crying girls clutching at your pant leg (in various states of undress, 'natch), to tell you that watching you melt down is a treat. I flirt and you go bonkers. It's nuts. (Salty *compressible* nuts, in your case.)

    My villain laugh hasn't been this sincere in a long time. Thank you, Tothian, you dear dear little man, thank you for tonight.

  67. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  68. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  69. Wow, this is out of control! I was even ok with a time traveler and an archangel boasting about the power of their genitals, but as I said from the get go- comments that are insulting just for insulting sake will have to be removed.

    I am trying my best to be fair about this- I don't have much experience as an administrator so I'm not sure what I should leave and what I should remove, especially when the content is so...uh...unique?

  70. Oh darn. Well it is your blog, Mr. Krulos, and in all fairness it's your ultimate decision which comments stay and which comments go, but I tell you, I haven't felt this energized since I put the mask away.
    e.g., months.

  71. I apologize for stating the obvious. I didn't see it as an insult, but We have veered off topic.

  72. No, please do carry on, I just felt I should remove a couple things. Let me ask another question- why does Tothian feel so passionately angry about "supervillains?"

  73. Tea Krulos,

    A good question posed to Tothian, for as the Leader of the RLSH, his direction would be followed by all RLSH - even Master Legend, who is the Greatest RLSH.

    Tothian, Leader of the RLSH however doesn't demonstrate vitriol to all Villains equally: The Leader of the RLSH appears to have a particular hatred (his word to Overlord, and his directed behavior at Beryllium) of women.

    One notes, that Tothian the Leader of RLSH, when given an opportunity to BE a hero, and instructions by which this may have been accomplished, failed in so simple an understanding as that of chivalry. Chivalry is NOT possible for one who hates women to perform.

    If the Leader of RLSH leads by the examples demonstrated by his blog posts, how then can the RLSH as a whole be judged?

    Poorly one fears.

    This of course serves ones purpose, and one finds this service to be good.

    -Lord Malignance

  74. We're not suppose to judge all RLSVs the same yet it's okay to group all RLSH? Do you know how much hell I've gotten for backing certain RLSVs and defending their snarky blogs? So truly, thanks.

  75. To be fair, Zeta, you and I have never had cause to quarrel; I consider you a good man with worthy ambition.

    Having said that, I'm reminded of the old parable of the Traveler who saved the Snake from the snow.
    You knew it was a snake when you picked it up.

  76. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.





  78. Declaring Tothian the leader of all RLSH and the perfect example of RLSH is not the same as calling me out on being friends with the guy.

  79. The comment above Smeagol 92055 was removed because I am not sure it was Tothian that posted it and revealed part of his identity.

    If it was, in fact, Tothian that posted it I am sorry and I will reinstate it.

    This is all very confusing.

  80. Zetaman,

    You are welcome. Don't forget to plan early for Malignopalooza!

    -Lord Malignance

  81. Tea Krulos,

    Any comment made by Tothian at 12:38 PM PST(?) was not made by me. My last post was the one where I, Almighty Leader of everyone, and best friend of the Greatest of us all, posted a link to a blog made by Lord Malignance (perhaps I should call HIM "Overlord Malignance").

    Intel informs me that it was the Artist Formerly Known as White Skull.

  82. pfft, bloody likely, Tothian.
    I may mock and ridicule, but I'm above pretending to be someone.

    And you say this to me AFTER I sent you a message on Youtube, TELLING you that someone may have jacked your screen-name.
    There's gratitude for ya.

  83. Overlord Malignance,
    First off, good evening. Secondly, there is a much deeper meaning to many things I say. You can't look on the surface, you have to look deeper to understand the meaning of my words.

    Tea Krulos,
    First off, good evening. Secondly, I don't hate all supervillains. In fact, I think Sword Kane is awesome, but then again I don't really see him so much as a Villain as much as I view him as a brilliant source of entertainment (I mean that in a good way). Tiny Terror, while sometimes being a tiny pain in the ass at times, is rather intelligent and I enjoyed having debates with him, until he starts repeating the same things over and over again. At that point it no longer becomes something of mental stimulation, but rather a thing of going in circles. I just HATE, I HATE, I HATE, I HATE, I HATE Overlord. She is the ONLY REAL Villain in the RLSV Community. She is the ONLY one that the RLSH Community has to watch out for. All the rest of them are nothing. I don't really even hate Agent Beryllium. To be honest, I actually feel kind of sorry for her. I kind of get the feeling that she has nothing going on for her in life. It's really kind of sad. But then there's Overlord. She is the definition of all that is evil in the world. I tremble in fear when I see the name Overlord, but I'm not one to act in fear, instead I rise above it and retaliate because I know that I am superior to her in every way.

    First off, fuck you. Secondly, DON'T YOU DARE EVER apologize for any insult you make to or about me, you stupid bitch. I hate you and I hope you get stuck in traffic tomorrow on the way to work, and end up being 20 minutes late.

    The Artist Formerly Known as White Skull,
    No worries.


  84. Mr. Krulos, now that you've done an in-depth study of Master Legend, might I suggest flipping the coin and giving the villains some fair coverage? I know you already interviewed a few of us, but our community is every bit as large and nuanced as the RLSH.

    As you can see, there are more than a few of us, and we all have absolutely thrilling tales to regale you with (Hell, the FBI is involved in mine.)

    Overlord and Lord Malignance are the two front-runners of modern villainy, while myself, The Potentate, and Agent Beryllium are the "old guard," the original RLSVs.
    I'm sure we'd be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, should you choose to ask them.

    To my fellow villains, I apologize in advance if I'm speaking out of turn, but I do believe Mr. Krulos deserves a balanced look at both sides of the community.

  85. whats all this fuss about? if any one doubts my words all you have to do is come see me.i will treat you right kindly but their is always the other choice if you keep deciding to provoke it.i have told all many years ago i am a real superhero , i have the scars to prove it,the ability beyond what you sofa sitters will ever know.keep putting down my great friend Tothian and i warn you you will suffer.i am vengenge, i am beyond any hatred you have ever known,i stand for God and will destroy anything that gets in my better run and hide because you may just meet me in person or in the metaphysical world.i am the protecter of innocence and i rule with an iron want trouble then ask yourself how many evil doers have you took down and how many good people have you helped? my guess its no one at all.get your self another donut and never bother me again ! i warn you.

  86. I love it when people threaten the internet!

  87. Lord Malignance- We need to look into this "Overlord Malignance" thing. Perhaps We could create some unholy spliced-up clone of evil. It would have to be a She, so that Tothian would live with the regret that He had inspired the creation of a female Super Villain.

    Zetaman- We are a smaller group, but there is a great deal of communication between the Villains, and We have been known to police each other's actions to an extent. A Tothian like outburst from a Villain would result in an outcry, and I believe Lord Malignance is only pointing out the RLSH's inability to keep one of it's members in control.

    Tothian- I was apologizing to Tea Krulos for my part in escalating YOUR outburst....there's an explosion of hate going on here and it didn't come from the Villains.

    Smeagol92055- I feel Tea Krulos has shown a great deal of interest in Villainy over the past few months, but He is writing about Heroes, Who are an interesting bunch all on Their own.

    Anonymous- I will indeed get Myself another donut, although I would prefer some ice cream.

  88. I officially challenge you to back up your threats, Master Legend.
    Do something to me.

    In the metaphysical world.
    Hell, in the physical world.
    Let it be known that I did this of my own free will, with no coercion. I'm actually curious to see if Master Legend himself is anything but a sofa sitter.

    I doubt it.

  89. Tothian, you live at your parents house, you do not have 14 million dollars, it is widely known that your father is in the military and you havent worked a job for more than a month in your life, and you live off his pension. Just shut up and stop acting like you do anything real besides walk within a block of your house. You get asked to help others out and you do nothing, you dont even help out when it is in your own state.

    Every single thing you have said on here just proves how terrible of an example you are. You make ML look like an angel by the way you act. He has more tact than you do, and you spend this time lashing out at a woman that is intelligent and puts out incredibly thought out articles. Things that bring inspiration and intrigue into the mind, and you bash her for it because it is contrary to your beliefs.

    You are a sick and sad individual. If I was half the man I am I would be you, and I would be spewing out every little thing I know about you, and not even things pertaining to your identity, just things about your personality, things about you as an individual that would show what kind of fraud you truly are.

    I am sorry Tea but this is an example of pathetic nature at its fullest, threatened by anyone who has a different opinion than you, lashing out like a child would when they are told no. Stubborn as an ass because you don't like what people have to say about you, honestly what the hell do you care? Oh right I know, because you spend all of your time on forums and trying to sabotage forums and make new ones than you are about doing your "job", just because you want to stay involved in the community, to be recognized, to be seen, you feel no sense of worth unless you are being paid attention to, unlike others that you know who go out and do it because its right, not for over-inflating their ego. You sir are the last person anyone should listen to about helping others.

    I take back almost everything I have said about Master Legend, Tothian is the true evil in or around their community.

  90. So... we're suppose to start going around and start posting blogs on how much this person sucks or that person sucks?
    Sort of sounds like a waste of time. My blogs will not stop anyone from acting out. Heck, go through my blog archive and you'll see I've wrote plently about Tothian. Nothing came out of it. We're also not a organization, so bear that in mind as well. We are a sub culture.
    The only real way other than flying around the country and making sure everyone minds their P's and Q's is that I do help keep a registry of RLSH. That is as far as we can realistically can go to endorce and not endorce individuals. Most anything else is either a waste of time or unrealistic.

  91. So... we're suppose to start going around and start posting blogs on how much this person sucks or that person sucks?
    Sort of sounds like a waste of time. My blogs will not stop anyone from acting out. Heck, go through my blog archive and you'll see I've wrote plenty about Tothian. I type out a lot about all sorts of things. Nothing comes out of it.
    We're also not a organization, so bear that in mind as well. We are a sub culture. I have yet known a sub culture that goes around monitoring those within their culture. I haven’t seen any Goth police yet unless I am missing something.
    None of us can go flying around the country and making sure everyone minds their P's and Q's. We do try to keep a registry of RLSH. That is as far as I think I can realistically can do. Most anything else is either a waste of time or unrealistic.
    Unless you all have other solutions I have to consider the issue of acting like big brother to the RLSH culture rather ridiculous.

  92. Your subculture has its reasons for existing, Zetaman.
    Our subculture exists for the purpose of examining your subculture.
    If you want to play the "why the subculture exists" game we'll be here 'til the sun winks out.

  93. Zetaman- No, I don't expect You to waste Your time chasing down everyone in Your....subculture and reading Their blogs. Sorry, I haven't kept up with Yours. However, You are here, You've seen what the man has written, and it's disgusting. Beryllium can stand up for Herself, but I haven't seen one "Hero" or "Costumed Activist" stand up and say "Hey, Tothian, You're out of line." It doesn't take a plane ticket, merely common sense.

  94. Virus,

    You're actually wrong about a LOT of that, but I won't say what.


    If you have a problem with me, don't expect other supposed "Heroes" to fight your battles for you, especially when you call yourself a "Villain". You straight up tell me yourself.

    I love how all the Villains are free to talk shit about others, but once someone does it to them, all of a sudden they play the victim.

    This is the internet. There is not much to the internet which should be taken seriously. A lot of what I've said to you or even to Agent Beryllium was said for entertainment purposes, and look - now you've both become more popular amongst the silent villain readers out there.


  95. I'm still waiting for this miracle that Master Legend and Tothian keep promising that will prove their divinity.

    There's plenty miracle-needy causes to choose from: the oil spill, global warming, the hurricanes that keep pounding Florida... hell, maybe you can convince sexless pandas to get on that whole "make more babies before you die out, you miserable black and white bastards" problem.

    You've been promising for months.

    Seriously, DO SOMETHING.

  96. You are right. I should of stated that I disagree with what Tothian posted. I do disagree with what he posted. From my experience with knowing Tothian, he is pretty much aping you guys on for a reaction.

    Tothian himself posted that he doesn't represent anyone else but himself. And Tothian is not a staff member on the same websites that I work on. But if it will help for the sake of conversation, I do disagree with what he posted. I made mention of this on a forum I am on so any forum member with access to our private section can verify this.

    I also disagree with most everyone else's postings as well.

    @Smeagol- I don't think the RLSV culture is built on monitoring the actions of the RLSH culture. I don't consider blog writing as a act of moderation. I consider it an act of blogging. What is totally bizarre is what a few of you bloggers are proposing and arguing is what Mixase proposes as well which is pretty much censorship of other people online. And some of Mixase's ideas I sorely disagree with as well.

  97. Agent Beryllium,

    I'm not a jack of all trades, master of none. I have my mission to protect people and fight evil.

    What is your mission as a Metavillain and what IS a Metavillain?


  98. Zetaman- Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I thank You for giving us Yours. From the inside, the lines of Your culture must look very clear and definite. Someone passing through, however, could be very confused that there are Heroe activists, Tothian associates with them, but He also spews all of this hateful nonsense. There's a line between a debate and a personal attack, and I believe that is when others should step in. I'm actually talking about speaking up when given the opportunity, not censorship.

    Tothian, I've heard of the internet, but thank you for the clarification. You've spoken too much and have made Yourself appear very common. The real victim here is You.

  99. As a guy who was there on the ground floor when the modern RLSV movement began, I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are not about censoring anyone.
    People are free to say what they want; however, when they make misogynistic, racist, homophobic, insulting, threatening, or otherwise general offensive and non-heroic statements (or actions,) we reserve every right to call them on it.

    You're a stand-up guy, Zeta, but what you think about the RLSV subculture doesn't amount to much; you're polarized in one direction, we're diametrically in the other. The difference is, while you're out there giving water and food and blankets to the homeless and calling the cops on crack dealers in the park (which are all admirable activities,) we're not out there doing evil, as some think (no matter how many people tell them differently.) We're out there watching you people, waiting for the cracks to show.
    You all claim to aspire to the nobler pursuits in life (most of you, anyway,) and you go about doing it in a high-profile manner. whether to draw attention to your cause or just to yourself is unclear in a lot of cases; the mere fact that you put on uniforms and armor and capes and masks shows you have eccentric personalities.

    The RLSV sees the potential in these personalities for great harm if the individual is disturbed, as is clearly the case in those we've singled out time and again. When we see these people making these statements and carrying out these activities, that's when we start typing; it's all well and good for you to sit there and complain about us, because you can actually back up your claims of philanthropy. We've seen you out there doing good.
    However, those members of the subculture (and even the ones who claim to have no involvement whatsoever with any organization) that have not shown themselves to be philanthropic are usually the loudest voices.

    Namely, Tothian.

    I admit that, as many reservations about Master Legend as I might have, he does positive deeds in his community.

    Tothian, on the other hand, I've never once seen any sort of evidence of his good deeds, merely word of mouth.

    Words from his own mouth.

    The same mouth that attacks with little to no provocation, accuses, slanders, curses, and threatens anyone who opposes him in the slightest, even if only to ask a simple question in some cases.

    Tothian is, as he has said time and time again, no hero. He's never once shown the slightest interest in being heroic.

    Tothian is not a villain, either. He's evil, to be sure, but he's no part of our culture.

    Tothian is that which we must all guard ourselves against: anger, bigotry, and unthinking hatred.

    Tothian is blunt ignorance.

  100. For the record, I disagree with what Tothian wrote here and several other places. Tothian had a chance to be something great. Instead he spends his time on the internet acting like a spoiled child. I believe there is still great potential within him, but he needs to grow up and act like the man he is supposed to be. I try to stay out of these things and concentrate on what needs to be done here, locally, in the real world. However, as usual where Tothian is involved, this has gotten out of control. I applaud those of you who have handled this with respect to Tea and his work.

    @Tothian - I meant what I just wrote. It was not written to attack you or start anything between us. I respect what you have accomplished, but you need to get your head on staight if you really want to make a difference and fight the evil you see in the world. I truly hope you will pull it together.

  101. Watchman,

    Thank you for your straightforward unbiased input. I respect that.


  102. Overlord- I work on a site that strongly declares to the public the intentions of a RLSH. Not everyone agrees with it favoring but it's out there and that is the best some of us can do.

    Smeagol- Not all RLSV are content to post their opinions. A few take a step further and actually go out to try to harm RLSH. I actually have police proof of that. So the RLSV community has just as much cracks as the RLSH... there is just more self proclaiming RLSH.

    I think what should happen is that everyone drop the pretense that we are all on different sides of the fence because clearly we are not. By activitly engaging in RLSH themed sites, blogs and forums you have made yourself apart of the RLSH culture one way or the other. By stating that you are our wardens, you have locked yourself in our RLSH themed crazy asylum. So welcome to the culture all of you!

    For the record, I've patrolled with Tothian. He helped others purely out of the kindness of others. He was willing to do anything to help others and even kicked in to help get someone get back home at Grand Central station. And for the record a number of RLSV's go out and do a lot of alutreistic deeds too.

    Tothian= Pain in the ass online but helps others

    RLSV= Pain in the ass online but helps others.

    At least that is how I am seeing it.

  103. So RLSV = Online PiA + philanthropic
    Tothian = Online PiA + philanthropic

    Tothian = RLSV.

    Thanks for clearing that up once and for all.

  104. Sure. I also stated that RLSV=RLSH too.






  105. I meant to post awhile ago, but I'm back.

    @Tothian- I don't understand why you would hate Overlord so much. Unless I'm mistaken she very rarely calls out specific RLSH or even the group in general.

    @Smeagol- My book actually does have a chapter discussing RLSV. All villains in this comments section (and more)are in it.
    "our community is every bit as large and nuanced as the RLSH"- I don't agree with that, though. There's like 12 of you.
    Anyway, maybe I'll post a run down on villains or even an excerpt from the chapter and encourage heroes to comment.

    The anonymous poster(one of them) must have been Master Legend. I was wondering what he thought of all these comments.

    Thanks everyone else for commenting, too.

  106. Anonymous said...

    I love it when people threaten the internet!

    That one was me. Sorry. I had some sign in problems and was in a hurry, but yeah, I just love it when people make threats from the safety of the internet knowing that in a "community" spread across the globe, the chances of meeting each other are about slim to none.

  107. Since this is supposed to be about Master Legend, I hope he had a happy birthday!

    I suppose I'll add my opinion of him...

    He's out there. Waaay out there! But, he seems to make it work for him. Like his friend Tothian, there is a great deal of things I've read from him that I don't like. At the same time, I do not doubt that he works toward helping people in need and that is to be commended. Unfortunately, his words often eclipse his good deeds.

  108. Zetaman,
    I don't recall helping anyone out at Grand Central Station, I think you might be referring to something else I did for someone at another place. I think Grand Central Station was that place where we were at that one time when we were on patrol and Mr. Jack couldn't go in because of his mask, so Apocalypse Meow and I waited outside with him while the rest of you went in there and helped out a couple of people.

    Tea Krulos,
    The best way I can explain it, it's like a hatred, but with a weird type of respect at the same time. Look at this: - stupid yet brilliant at the same time.

    You don't have to like nor agree with everything we say, but there usually is a psychological tactic or a deeper philosophical meaning to all that we say. One must look beyond the surface to understand the meaning.


  109. Oy vey
    I leave for a couple months and everyone changes the game on me!

    I see you've given up the ghost (Almost)completely good for you old boy
    and um...My condolences on "Being tothian"

    You were not here last I checked so I shall have to look you up
    anyone that could earn such ire from The arch angel Micheal is just tops in my book

    Mr. Krulos
    I wanted to say how very sorry I am that these
    hooligans (and by that I mean tothian) have ruined such a well thought out and nicely done
    article Bravo sir

    Master Legend
    Yes we know that was you
    I am in agreement that while as a man you may be flawed you have proven that there is a difference between what one does online and in real life So yes I salute you sir for your good deeds but I still watch for your bad ones
    ...Kinda like Krampus but no fake accent and a lot less hair

    Agent Beryllium
    While tothian may try his best to you by calling "A piece of ass" or whatever else he may fling know this he will never touch a woman and there is photographic proof that he prefers members of the TS/TV community

    nothing to say to you

  110. Turncoat,

    SIXTEEN BEERS. And that was the early morning of January 2nd, 2007. When I was sober (well, hungover) and uploaded the pictures later on that day, I didn't even think it was the same woman. I was confused for a moment.

    And there have been times in my life I've avoided women like a bad habit, despite the countless offers, but I've had a LOT better luck since last year, ever since I was taken to Cougartown. What is your email address? I'll show you some stuff.


  111. Upon re-reading parts of this blog, I saw that there were a few comments/questions that I missed, and/or forgot to respond to:

    AGENT BERYLLIUM WROTE: "You DO know that you're not the only one who believes they are Saint Michael, and that EVERY other person who believes they are Saint Michael believes it JUST as ardently as you do, right?

    You're not alone in believing, so what makes your belief special?"

    TOTHIAN SAYS: How many claimants actually go out and do what I do? How many get called "Leader of RLSH" by Overlord Malignance in his blogs, as well as having the great honor of having my name listed alongside "Master Legend The Greatest Real Life Superhero"? How many can take a kick to the balls and not even flinch? What more proof do you need? Do you expect me to grow wings out of my back and make it rain fire from the heavens down upon evil? During the Battle of Armageddon, my superpowers will flourish. You will see.

    OVERLORD SAYS: "Lord Malignance- We need to look into this "Overlord Malignance" thing. Perhaps We could create some unholy spliced-up clone of evil. It would have to be a She, so that Tothian would live with the regret that He had inspired the creation of a female Super Villain."

    TOTHIAN SAYS: You truly are a Villainess Mastermind. And that is why I both hate you and (almost, kind of) respect you at the same time. YOU are the REAL Leader of the RLSV Community.

    OVERLORD SAYS: Tothian- I was apologizing to Tea Krulos for my part in escalating YOUR outburst....there's an explosion of hate going on here and it didn't come from the Villains.

    TOTHIAN SAYS: Like I said, don't apologize for anything bad you've said to or about me. It was irrelevant to who you were apologizing 'to', because:

    1- Don't apologize for something you said, you obviously say what's on your mind, you can't apologize for that. And honesty is a much more respectable trait in a person, as opposed to someone who shows ignorance, or false-kindness - both of which are pathetic signs of weakness.

    2- People love to watch a good fight. Be it physical or verbal(in this case, typed). Do any other blogs stir up so much attention and responses? Do you think that this blog would've gotten over 100+ responses so quickly if not for the quality of responses we've all put in to this?

    3- Admittedly, this is kind of fun, and you can't deny that. At this point, whether anyone insults me, praises me, or even ignores me, it's a win/win/win situation. Same thing with you. Look at the respect you've earned from your fellow Villains because of all of my angry outbursts toward you. They have been attempting to poke at me for several months now and they all wish they could have gotten such a response from me. While you always have been and always will be inferior to me, because you are evil, you are now the new Leader of the RLSV Community, whether you like it or not.


  112. Actually, a semi-correction of what I said:

    Because of the fact that this blog is about Master Legend The Greatest Real Life Superhero, plus written by Tea Krulos The Greatest Reporter and Writer of the RLSH Community, it was already pretty obvious beforehand that it would draw in a huge crowd with lots of responses, but all of the responses thus created more responses, like the Ripple Effect integrated with the Broken Windows Theory. Master Legend planted the seed, Tea Krulos watered the plant, and all of us were the sun that helped it grow. This plant has so quickly become a tree so large that it developed it's own gravitational pull.

  113. And all of the seeds that fall from that tree will create more in the future. And so on.

  114. And all of the Tothian that Tothian from that Tothian will Tothian Tothian in the Tothian. Tothian Tothian Tothian.


  115. ....Tothian is the chosen Tothian, for He was kicked in the Tothian and from that point forward the ArchTothian Tothian gathered up His Tothian's and prepared for the Tothian....

  116. Where to begin?

    Well I have spent roughly 30 minutes reading all the comments here and am disappointed on both sides of the battle line, as Tea Krulos said this article was meant to be used a depiction of ML on the many views of him, not to inspire all the internet rage comparable to 4chan itself.

    First off, I dare not try to express what Master Legend is, for only he can do that. If I was to try it would be a false representation of his view.

    In saying that I understand Tothian that you were in the start trying to defend Master Legend. As one of his friends as well I understand those feeling, but you are going way to far here. You need to stop posting here until you can calm down. You keep throwing gas on a fire it is only going to grow.

    In Tothian's defense to the people who he has been going back and forth with, if you are just going to push him (Tothian) he is going to keep on blowing up for your amusement, and no one is going to accomplish anything except making this blogs comments even more of a farce then the first 20 comments had made it.

    Now back to Legend and his activities, as far as I have ever seen or been given testimony of Master Legend has never thrown the first physical attack. Now I am not stating that he never had antagonized it or not, I can not vouch for such a statement, but I do know on all accounts I have ever seen/been told he has reserved from physical violence until necessary.

    I also would have to agree with Tothian in the fact that some people do not understand kindness or have the ability to talk things out. They will simply take advantage of your good nature by their own force. So if Master Legend had to be brusk with a guy who was of that nature, I understand why he had to.

    Personally I always felt that I should never use physical force until ultimately necessary even after someone has gotten violent at me, fortunately I bust out the pepper spray and most people retract from violence, but its the differences that make us unique.

    I suppose my overall point here is, you guys (RLSH/RLSV) can post your view/opinions of ML all you want. I have operated with him for going on 5 years now and know why people endorse him. He is a man of the people in our area. When we go on missions people love to see him, love to talk to him, just simply enjoy his existence. I am not trying to make him sound like omnition or anything of the sort, but just stating what I have seen on my own account.

    Also I can not recall from the huge comment wall, who stated it, but Tothian is not our leader nor is Legend. So to judge our community based on ML and Tothian's outburst is very unfair to us all. People like Zetaman, Knight Owl, and others are good people who are truly working for a brighter society, are misrepresented by this stereotyping.

    Take it for what its worth,

  117. As I've stated, I don't judge the entire community based on the actions and statements of Tothian and Master Legend.
    I judge Tothian and Master Legend for the statements and actions, and I wonder why the hell so many RLSH endorse them or are simply silent on the issue.
    Is there some sort of fear of these two in the community?

  118. Tothian, how many times do we have to tell you that being kicked in the nuts is NOT proof of divinity?

    If you're going to make extraordinary claims (like being an archangel) then there must be extraordinary proof, and certainly not "jam yesterday, jam tomorrow, but never jam today" promises that we'll see results "very soon".

  119. Tothian, how many times do we have to tell you that being kicked in the nuts is NOT proof of divinity?

    Agent Beryllium FTW


  120. You claim that the things I state are not true, but refrain from correcting them, why is that? Because they are true, and are verified, and can be verified? Stop your charade, no one buys it. Even those that you think are your friends are against you. This is just sad. Give up your efforts to disprove others, and just go away, no one will have anything to say if you do not give them fodder. That is what makes you sad. Instead of just walking away like an adult or giving a real response in tact and integrity, you still lash out like an overgown child.

    You live at home.
    You do not have a job, but are claiming to try and get one.
    You have lived the last few years off your fathers pension in your grandfathers home.
    You are lazy and do not do real patrols but try to prove yourself otherwise.
    You only try to get money so that you can go and meet others to try and prove how awesome you are.
    You put others down for having different beliefs than you, and feel that you are superior.
    Your delusions of grandeur truly make you think that you are an angelic being. (Which if you told a psychologist that, you would be committed, no questions asked)
    You claim to be toying with the people on here, but in reality you use that as a cover for how much the people on here really get to you.

    Hop off your high horse and learn a bit of reality, humility, and respect for others.

  121. I read just small bits on here while taking a break at work. I do not have the time nor do I have the patience to read this excrement.

    All these comments are just pure nonsense. I don't normally comment on online blogs, but holy crap guys.

    You spend all this time bickering with each other online. Spending your time criticizing someone who does real good in the world.

    Do something better with your time. Put your time into something positive. Go out and help someone or maybe just help make yourself better.

    What are you accomplishing on here?

    Also if you expectr a response from me after this it's not happeneing.

  122. Smeagol,

    Overlord The Leader of the RLSV Community,

    Agent Beryllium,
    It is clear that you are looking for a miracle in your own life. You can let me know either here or privately what kind of miracle you are seeking. Whether you're my friend or my enemy, I will say a prayer with Metatron. As long as the intentions aren't evil, but rather something you're lacking or needing or some type of evil affecting your life, our prayer will make a miracle come true for you.

    -Tothian, the Archangel Michael

  123. The mental image of Tothian praying for me is the scariest thing ever.

  124. Smeagol,

    Tempting, but no.

    Those that Master Legend and I pray for, ALWAYS end up having good luck afterwards, every time. You will see.


  125. Tothian: Real cute. Flip out about how rancid Overlord and I are and THEN find the benevolence in yourself to "pray" as if your shout-outs to the aether carry all the more weight for your Mel Gibson-style tirades.

    Have some class and hole up for a while before "finding God" and slathering on the "I'll pray for you" act. A twelve hour turnaround for personal transformation doesn't cut it; not for all the filth you've spewed.

    And pertaining to Dark's comment (he won't see it, but it needs mentioning), THIS is what really gets my goat about the RLSH: when someone proves their worth as a "costumed hero", it's "drop everything so we can pay tribute to this fine achievement", often far out of proportion to the kind act (you don't see multi-page threads for moms who make 365 sandwiches a year for hungry kids, and moms don't even get cool costumes... unless you consider peanut butter-stained pajama bottoms to be the height of fashion; and please, let's not try to make up for lost time by turning THIS into a "moms are heroes" thread, as do-gooders are apt to do when good deeds come to light).

    But here we come to some troubling information that SHOULD be up for lengthy debate and we're told to "find something better to do". Should we really be turning a blind eye to armed vigilantes who maybe don't have a firm grip on reality? Should we be ENDORSING those individuals? Should we be assuring the public that even though they've never thrown the FIRST punch (after apparently antagonizing their targets, which I did not know they did before Tea's article) that these men who hear voices that tell them to seek out "evil" and "destroy" it, we're all perfectly safe and none of us law-abiding citizens need worry? Even the law-abiding citizens who violate Judeo-Christian codes of conduct, and are therefore "perpetuating evil"?

    The RLSH circle jerk goes strangely quiet when presented with individuals both violent and charitable.

    We will not "go find better things to do" because, frankly, someone needs to sit here and grapple with the questions that the RLSH will not.

    -- Agent Beryllium

    Master Legend's crawfish are definately NOT kosher, and NOWHERE in the New Testament did God give permission to wash bottom feeders down with a cold brewski. He states this several times. Did you not get the memo, angels?

  126. Agent Beryllium,

    QUIT CALLIN' ME CUTE GOD DAMNIT!!!!! EAT $#%&!!!!! I liked it better when you called me creepy and gave me other insults. And no, Overlord is the evil one - which is both a compliment and an insult at the same time. I don't see you as a Villain, I just see you as a woman with goggles on your head who writes and responds to blogs.

    Plus, I even mentioned that I was just doing it for fun - there is no "turn around" just my sorta friendlier side or my more evil fun side. I welcome your insults, I don't take them personally (unless you're complimenting me or calling me cute, then THAT I'll take offense to!!!). To me it's like a chess game.

    As far as those "armed vigilantes" as you refer to them as, anyone with the intention of going out just to fight people and hurt others, I won't endorse that. Anyone who is fighting a criminal for the sake of protecting someone else's life or safety, I consider heroic.

    Where in the bible did God say beer or any alcoholic beverage was bad? Didn't you get the memo? Jesus could turn water into wine. Master Legend and I can convert beer into piss.


  127. ... you dodged the "crawfish" part, sinner.

    In fact, you missed the mark on just about all of the post. (I didn't call YOU cute, it was an ironic statement reflecting your suddenly cuddly change of heart.)

    Reading comprehension fail.

  128. Agent Beryllium,

    It wasn't a reading comprehension fail. Notice how I always say that there's a much deeper philosophical meaning or psychological tactic to all that I say and do (or not say, not do)?

    You asked Master Legend about the crawfish thing. I have never once had the honor to try crawfish. Plus, not to mention the fact that I am not Master Legend. So I can't speak for Master Legend, nor answer all of Master Legend's questions that you ask Master Legend.

    Although, I did call Master Legend up a little while ago. He said something about Jesus telling people to eat the food, that he removed the evil from it so that people wouldn't starve, or something like that. You'll have to ask him for more details yourself, he doesn't check this blog much.

    And no, there is no suddenly cuddly change of heart. I am and always have been the same person. I have said countless times that I - like all people - have a good side and bad side. I just prefer to show my bad side first and foremost. There's a reason behind that. If you're worthy, I may explain to you some day.

    But in the mean time, I asked you a question earlier in this blog that you didn't respond to yet. I asked you what a Metavillain is, and what your duty as a Metavillain is. I was curious about that.


  129. God, what an idiot...

    Meta, according to Wikipedia, is "a concept which is an abstraction from another concept", and much like "metahumor", "metavillainy" is wryly aware of its own categorical tropes. Hence, death rays and a penchant for evil laugher.

    And no, there's no deeper meaning to your angry little pouts. You're just a mean-spirited and unhinged little man, justifying your short-sighted hate with piecemeal scripture...

    ... and now everyone knows it.

    I hope you like your free publicity, Tothian.

  130. Agent Beryllium,

    LOL! Too true. You have discovered me for what I truly am. I'm VERY appreciative of your insults!

    And thanks for the explanation, but you still haven't explained what your purpose as "Agent Beryllium the Metavillain" is.


  131. Agent Berryllium is a Metavillain in that she is aware she falls into the cheesy tropes common to fantasy and science fiction-based villains. She is a time traveler, she enjoys long walks on the beach (preferably on beaches with access to baby seals so she can club them,) she has an evil laugh, she KNOWS she falls into these categories.

    Being a Metavillain is to be aware that you ARE a villain, that you fall into the stereotyped category of the villain.


  132. I have three questions to any of the Villains who wish to answer them.

    1- Why be Villainous as opposed to trying to be Heroic? (Please don't answer "Because it's more fun!" because it's obvious that both sides can be fun. But, if that really IS your answer, please explain why, and why the alternative would be "less" fun")

    2- What do you hope to accomplish? What is your end goal?

    3- What are your spiritual beliefs? I.E. do you not think being villainous, that you'll go to Hell when you die? Or do you not believe that Karma will come back to you?

  133. Tothian,
    You should calm it down now. Your trolling is actually beginning to hurt some people's feelings.

  134. Look man, I know you're trying to get the heat off of Master Legend. I also know you believe the more you argue with someone the better friends you become later. But there are some people who have no interest in being friends. This particular blogosphere culture has no interest in being friends or getting to know individuals within the RLSH culture. Giving them a reasons to hate you is not helping them or yourself. Please consider not spending your time on the blogospheres and let people have their say, positive or negative. Any attempts at reason usually don't work because people just want to hate the culture. I am sorry.

  135. Zetaman said it better than I ever could

  136. Zetaman,
    A point of contention: Respect is not given by Villains, it must be earned. Many heroes have been found wanting. For example, may one point out our previous conversation in ones own blog? If you remember, one wracked you over your support of one particular blog - one of those blogs in the blogosphere you approve of. On that same blog in question now, you will find the information to torture/kill innocent women, men, and children. Yet there your picture remains, supporting all you would profess to deny. Now ones understanding is that in order to sell the products RLSH and Zetaman you must make uncomfortable compromises. One finds this to be behavior unworthy of respect. Perhaps you can clarify after reading the post in question?

    That having been said, you will note that you don't see Villainy supporting such behaviors as torture/kill, misogyny, homophobia, and the enabling of dangerous and delusional violent people to patrol our streets. You claim Villainy has no interest in being friends. One thinks you only approve of Villains you deign to allow to speak what you wish them to say on the forum you control. You must be found worthy to earn friendship, and so far you are found wanting. YOU one knows can do better, and so one mentions this, and restricts the bravado of name calling and other such flourishes.

    Tothian deflecting criticism of Master Legend? Is that really how you see this? Allow one to reveal what has happened here; Master Legend has served Villainy as a Trojan Horse, revealing not only his own flaws, but a collection of exploitable weaknesses of other heroes. The child Tothian is like a scorpion - easily provoked, with little thought of consequences to those around him. He is useful for ones purposes, and has served me well.

    It hasn't all been cake for Villainy though: Review the comments by Superhero. To the point, personal first hand experiences, and a solid, balanced endorsment of Master Legend. There's nothing there for Villainy to chew on, and so it stands unchallenged.

    Respectfully, and not your ArchNemesis,
    -Lord Malignance

  137. Lord Malignance,
    You keep stating that I sell products. I am highly offended by those statements. I have never once sought media opportunities nor have ever received financial compensation for being Zetaman.
    I do not seek the respect of RLSV. It doesn't keep me awake at night (or the day) that there are bloggers who don't respect me. It is also very clear to me that a majority of RLSV are looking for conspiracies and hidden motives when there are none at all. If you do find them, they are possible in the same place as Jimmy Hoffa the fake moon land stage.
    Either way, this conversation is really not going anywhere. I know for a fact that Master Legend will not stop what he does. Tothian will not stop being Tothian and none of us will ever stop doing what we do. You can destroy property or write blogs but at the end of the day we're still going to do what we do.
    This particular article was an excellent exercise; however I am finding that this is not worth my time anymore. I apologize if that sounds rather extreme but honestly I am kind of bored.

  138. Zetaman,

    Unskillfull avoidance, and distraction. Destroy property? Where sir is your proof? Or is this one of your conspiracies? One has stated and states again, that your misfortune stems from activities of heroes more than Villains, yet you sell your story to your coterie and pander as martyr. Is on incorrect, or too date, no evidence to support your claim has come to light? Certainly had there been any proof, the legally authorized representatives of justice (and not superheroes) would have taken appropriate action.

    One's points stand, unanswered.

    Still with respect,
    -Lord Malignance

  139. One hundred forty comments of pointless bickering? I'm quite disappoint.

  140. I just noticed that Tothian has completely avoided my comments entirely, he is more interested in the female rlsv, big surprise there. And Zetaman, your comments prove that you are no more above what you claim we are. You make accusations of things you do not have full facts about. For a fact I know that rlsv do not hate rlsh, we hate certain rlsh, and because they have earned that hatred, none of that is unwarranted. and as regards to your claims of rlsv being involved in your incident, every single one of us has shown nothing but contempt for those actions and can easily be shown that none of us are responsible.

  141. when any of you can save a city come let me know.i have an award to prove i did it.don't believe me ask any of my close friends and team mates.yarn yarn,and that was light work for me.have any of you villians( ha ha)start a team that gave out over a thousand christmas presents last year and continue on with many other missions? yarn , i didn't think so.have any of you ever had to go to jail for fighting a child molester and crack head gang, i didn't think so.of course all charges were dropped and no more little girls will get hurt by that guy.did you ever stop a cold hearted murderer in progress like me,yarn , i didn't think so....i can go on an on but i have already said more then you all combined (except for my hero friends)will ever accomplish.want proof i got it.
    you are too busy insulting good people to do anything at all. it just shows me how shallow you mortals are and why i am so needed.
    you still have my offer of redemption.

  142. p.s. while you are busy trying to ruin what i do i lay this upon you sorry mortals.think about all the homeless/kids i help,victims,kids with cancer,the nieborhood i keep safe,women with breast cancer i will be out tommorow raising money for,the starving and thirsty,the ministries i help around the world, the people i make happy to name a little.think about who you are really trying to hurt.

  143. wow how very heroic of you to throw that in people's faces, I don't see any other hero having to constantly reaffirm their efforts to people (other than tothian), and I certainly don't see police, firefighters, charity workers, homeless activists, and soup kitchen workers throwing it in others faces either about the work they do, when its done for the sake of doing whats right, when its done for the sake of the good of others, there should be no bragging about your deeds, others should be the ones doing the praising for you, and for the most part, all i have hear is ML and Tothian sit and gloat about their accomplishments and its honestly sickening.

    I do not sit here and proclaim every good deed I do, I do not sit here and tell you what charitable acts I do, and I certainly don't brag about my helping others because it is not right, it is about helping for the sake of helping, for doing something to make someone's life better, not self promotion and glory. All of these things are documented too, but I do not feel the need to flaunt them. Even here giving these examples I have intentionally not said what they are because that is the point, it doesn't matter. What truly matters is just going to help, and if that is all that really matters to any of you, then ignore us and go and do it and to hell with what we say, stop your pandering and attempts at judgement on others, just do what is right. That is all I really have had to say from the start.

  144. wtf is "yarn yarn"?

  145. "you still have my offer of redemption."

    Tell me Master Legend, if you will, how is it that you keep offering to redeem and/or save people? As an angel, it should be hardwired into you that you can't do anything; you're a messenger. God doesn't send his angels to the Earth in this day and age to be anything but messengers; not since Jesus walked the earth has an angel served in any other capacity.
    Perhaps if you're going to make such outlandish claims and offers, you should just come out and state who you really think you are: God himself.

  146. Still waiting for the reason why angels violate the word of God by eating Crawfish.

    Leviticus 11:9-12

    And no, the bodies of crawfish aren't covered by scales. They are cephalapods and strictly prohibited by the bible.

    Are you going to share the word of God? Tell us why Angels are turning their backs on Him and His law?

    ... unless you're that other type of Angel. I'm sure they eat Crawfish with relish.

    Please tell us. We're hungry for gospel.

  147. i am tired of answering these idiotic questions.i only hope soon you will see the the meantime help or get out of my are some of the most pitiful people i've ever met.Tea krolus , very funny. never ask me a single thing ever again along with your pack of insulters and flunkies.none of you will ever be able to stop me.i hereby cast you demonic forces away from me and all my worldwide are puke and waste my time.

  148. I guess crawfish dinners are more important than God.


    I should hardly be surprised.

  149. *is cast into Hell*

    Shit! He was on to me!

    Avenge meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  150. Master Legend-
    What is funny? I actually think very little of this is funny.
    My...pack? I don't know, I might share a carpool with these guys, but I don't think we're getting matching motorcycle jackets yet, ya dig?

    I tried to make as fair a presentation as I possibly could. If I would have written "Master Legend has no criticisms from anyone whatsoever" it would have been a bald lie.

    There is a lot of leeway I am willing to give people, but I won't lie.

    No one really knows my own opinion on anything, and that's fine- let's keep it that way.

    As far as this comments section- why not let it go on? Yes, there are a lot of stupid insults, but there is some honest dialog.

    Lastly, I very honestly do wish you well at your celebrity bowling/ charity event coming up. I think if anyone can pull off a 7-10 split, it's you.

  151. This comment has been removed by the author.

  152. Unskillfull avoidance, and distraction. Destroy property? Where sir is your proof? Or is this one of your conspiracies? One has stated and states again, that your misfortune stems from activities of heroes more than Villains, yet you sell your story to your coterie and pander as martyr."

    And what the hell was the tire slashing committed against Zetaman? Was that a figment of his imagination? Was the calling card of ROACH left on his car a figment of his imagination? Apparently not. You so called RLSVs spout off incessantly about how RLSH are going to inspire someone to do terrible things someday but as I said before, apparently your actions have already inspired harmful and illegal reactions.

    The incident with Zetaman was not caused by the RLSH. It was caused by the constant hatemongering you so called RLSVs do. By your constant vitriolic rhetoric you provided some idiot out there with a face to put on his criminal act. RLSH put themselves out there and it is expected that some will make fun of them. But some of the stuff you guys have said is pretty sickening. Kinda like saying that kids with cancer should be put down so as not to contaminate the gene pool. By the way that came from Black Sun, one of yours. You must be proud.

    Zetaman isn't asking for sympathy. I think he's just stating what alot of people feel - that you so called villains are clueless as to how ridiculous and hypocritical your incessant and often low brow rhetoric is and you remain willfully ignorant of the actual negative effect it has. You guys are the proverbial angry bull in the china shop - you spew your bile and then act shocked when something bad happens. I can't tell you how AWESOME it was to see Exit Nero making fun of the Zetaman incident with pictures of knives stuck in tires.

    And to be fair as far as Tothian is concerned while I support the RLSH I think he's a bad apple. It would be unfair of me to harp on the RLSV without saying that I think he's the angry version of the internet Geico Caveman.

  153. Master Legend, Tea Krulos has been nothing but fair to you. He equally pointed out positive and negative points in regards to you and gave equal opportunities to your supporters and critics. He himself has not said a bad word against you. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for you now to think badly of him, nor to write anything negative about him. If you have issues with your critics, I believe you should direct your own negative comments their way, and not aim them at Mr. Krulos.

    I ask that you apologize to Mr. Krulos for your misguided anger and disrespect. After all, if you read everything he has written, you will see he has shown respect for you, regardless of whether you deserve it or not.

  154. Mr. Jingles,

    Yet still you demonstrate unworthiness. Evidence is not proof. Circumstantial evidence less still. That one has to explain this to you only highlights why your little cadre of pretend detectives need to stay out of the way of real law enforcement.

    As one posted on ones own blog recently, Zetaman's criminal associations and past history with people in his own location is much more likely to have provided prima facie. But even this you cannot understand. What is your operating groundwork here? That it was Doctor Doom? You're so far out of touch with reality now, one cannot tell.

    And Zetaman didn't ask for sympathy? You must not have read the postings - they were stomach turning, and disgraceful. Again - no proof, but plenty of indictment. Truthfully, an embarrassing testament to the worthlessness of RLSH in any activity other than a flavor of Party Clown.

    As to your twice previously disproved theory that Villainy incites Violence (not mentioning your Master who has a recent post on the methods of torture/kill of innocent people) one has pointed out your favorite video of costumes weilding shotguns and a machete threating heroes. Yet, at the time of their video posting - there were no Villains yet. The facts (Hello proof) don't match your evidence. Yet again, unreasonably poor deductive skills for even a novice.

    You repeat only arguments you've already made, and have been proven incorrect, and are determined to embarrass yourself before me.

    At least one doesn't claim to be bored, and hide.

    You may continue to crouch before me,
    -Lord Malignance

  155. Watchman-
    Thanks for the show of support. Master Legend is entitled to his opinion, it doesn't bother me.

  156. Can someone please explain to me what the problem is with Master Legend claiming to be The Archangel Metatron?

    Isn't America supposed to be a nation where we have freedom of belief? Banning him from the Heroes Network for claiming to be Metatron is an act of religious persecution.

    It's not more right to hate on Master Legend for claiming to be Metatron than it is right to hate on a Christian for saying that Jesus was the Son of God or to hate on a Muslim for saying Muhammad was a Prophet, and we have no more way of knowing whether Master Legend's claims are true or false than we have of knowing whether Jesus or Muhammad's claims are true or false.

    Is this what these alleged 'heroes' stand for? Totalitarian religious oppression and persecution of small or unique religious groups?

    What the hell is wrong with you people?

  157. I liked the article very much. I found it balanced and well written. In my opinion Master Legend is an example of what happens when an RLSH, or RLSV for that matter, loses touch with reality.

    I don't care if he claims to be the Metatron or that he has voodoo powers or anything else. What I do care about is the avalanche of hyperbole and circumstantial evidence of great deeds that seems to have taken on a life of its own since the article in Rolling Stone first enabled an ego so in need of being externally validated that it has since developed a nearly impregnable wall of delusion.

    I do care that this self-sustained, almost robotically reactive personality is kept in a position to advise and contaminate others.