Wednesday, July 7, 2010



Tea Krulos reporting

-New Bedford, MA

Civitron has launched a site at with the goal being to spotlight 100 days of different acts of heroism people can accomplish, and encourages people to add their experiences to the site. He made an appearance at a Providence Roller Derby bout in late May to tell the audience about the venture.
For Day 1, Civitron suggests picking up litter on one city block and for Day 2 an "Operation Hydration"- handing out bottles of water.

From the site:
Civitron and the Heroic 100 are challenging you to be a hero! 100 challenges in 100 days. Are you up to the challenge? was created to encourage people everywhere to develop and share their own ideas for making their world a better place. We endeavor to promote personal truth and exploration, through self-expression and creative activism to strengthen our local communities and to inspire the real-life superhero in everyone!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is simple. Over the next 100 days, will feature a new challenge each day. Read each one carefully and decide how you’re going to complete it. Some will be hard, some will be easy. Some will take a few days to complete and others will take no time, at all! It’s all up to you.

A motivating catchphrase punctuates the missions: “Ready. Set. Go hero!”

-Brooklyn, NY

Sources confirm that Zimmer was hospitalized with an arm injury (not RLSH activity related) after he was hit by a car. Zimmer and his NYI teammates were kind enough to let me stay at their house in my visit to New York, and I’d like to wish Zimmer a speedy recovery.


-direct flight Bellingham-> Belfast

Eco-activist Captain Ozone has left the country, leaving his land of origins in Washington State and flying to his secondary home in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Captain tells me in an e-mail that his Green Power Rally is still scheduled as planned for July 31 this month.

Participating RLSHs include Geist and Razorhawk, Amazonia, The Conundrum, and Mr. Jack and… I reading this right?- Kiki the Eco Elf (it turns out she isn’t a RLSH, but an eco-children’s performer.)

“I ran out of funds to stay in the States until the 31st and leaving for Belfast (yesterday). I will still be coordinating the Green Power Rally from Belfast with the Environmental Media Northwest and the other RLSHs. The show will go on!” The Captain wrote in the e-mail.
The rally website is at
Captain Ozone with hemp oil powered chainsaw

TOMORROW: A Profile on Viper and some frank talk about ninja throwing stars.

*In a sort of mirror opposite of this super challenge,Portland real life supervillain The Overlord is offering a 30 day “Evil Challenge”at her website


  1. First I laughed because Civitron is rocking the Guido-in-training look.

    Then I laughed because *he's* not the most ridiculous-looking person in this post.

    Then I died a little inside.

  2. The Overlords 30 day challenge, currently on day 7, may have very well been the inspiration Civitron needed to emulate.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Zimmer (Before his inevitable submission to Evil).

    Ozone weilding a chainsaw is just scary. Hemp powered? That costume will not be kind when the weight gain from munchies lands on him.

    -Lord Malignance

  3. Captain Ozone was trying to make a living playing pro poker in Ferndale.

    FERNDALE. Small town.

    I don't care how good you are, there is NO money in small town poker.

  4. Seriously Lord Malignance, you making a joke about a persons weight. That's hilariously ironic.

  5. Thank you Tea and Lord Malignance for the warm wishes. After being in a hospital bed for a week it's great to be out. Although I won't be patrolling anytime soon I'm looking forward to supporting active RLSH any way I can.